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As we wind down from CINCUp 2023, our annual user conference, we recognize that the end of the conference brought the dawn of a tech revolution in community association management. Our dynamic attendees return to their offices as budding tech maestros, armed with byte-sized revelations and futuristic insights to supercharge their teams in optimizing CINC.

So, what did you miss? A lot of revolutionary launches with respects to AI, along with our continued focus on the homeowner. Here are our top three takeaways from the 2023 conference:

AI is Making HOAs Sunny.

One of the major themes of CINC Up 2023 was Artificial Intelligence. We introduced Sunny AI, a game-changing chatbot available in the homeowner app.  Sunny was designed to give homeowners information that previously resulted in a call or email to their management staff.  Sunny can handle simple requests like “What are the Clubhouse hours?”, or “What’s my account balance?”, and even more complex questions such as “I would like to build a fence, what do I need to know?”  Sunny provides homeowners answers to their questions quickly and efficiently, giving the people at manage the community more time to work on other priorities.

Other improvements to the homeowner app includes a new hyperlocal news offering, also powered by AI, which personalizes community news for each homeowner. This dual approach in communication technology is transforming how homeowners stay informed and connected with their communities and encourages them to use the app first for all things homeowner.

And it’s just the beginning….

400+ Product Enhancements, Just For You.

Over the past year, we listened to our clients’ feedback and needs and implemented 420 feature enhancements of all sizes.  This approach underscores CINC’s commitment to evolving its services and products to align with the needs and suggestions of its clients and ensures that the enhancements are relevant and effective.  Managers will especially enjoy the new GPS feature in the CINC Manager Mobile app that allows them to track their position on a map while they are out on the property, with homes lighting up in various colors if they need attention with an open work order, violation, or architectural request, a huge advancement from the days of checking notes on a clipboard then realizing that one address was missed on the far end of the property.  No more backtracking to that missed address!

The Connections Matter Most.

CINCUp provided extensive learning and networking opportunities for attendees. With over 55 sessions and workshops covering various aspects of CINC, there was something for everyone, regardless of interests and educational needs. The extensive group of offerings ensured that every attendee left with valuable insights and practical knowledge to implement in their respective teams back home, providing a better user and homeowner experience for all.

If you went to CINC Up, leave a comment about the biggest takeaway you had from the conference.  If you didn’t attend, we hope to see you next year!


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