Community association management software that encourages engagement.

Take the stress out of HOA elections by going digital

Improve the security, speed, and cost of voting by trusting your clients’ HOA elections to all-in-one community association management software from CINC Systems.

Get rid of the guesswork.

HOAst is the only voting system that’s fully integrated into a community association solution. Encourage homeowners to vote electronically with ease. Reach quorum without the runaround. See results as they happen. Eliminate the paper chase. Integrate CINC’s e-voting solution with our cloud-based community association management software to do it all with confidence that elections are secure and results are accurate.

Access e-voting tools within CINC Systems from the same login for all of your HOA/COA needs.

Board members can view results in real-time. No need to wait until days after the election to tally votes.

Reach out to homeowners to let them know if they have completed their vote or still need to vote.

CINC’s e-voting solution is fully integrated with our industry-leading community association management software, but even if your company isn’t using CINC, you can opt to license our tool as a standalone election management solution.

e-voting icon

Empower everyone involved in elections.

Less Stress

Avoid chasing paper ballots and managing manual reconciliation.

Increase Voter Confidence

A secure, impartial platform reduces the risk of fraud.

Increase Accuracy

No more exporting and importing excel files to update homeowner information.

Control Costs

Eliminate the need for third-party election verification services or printing paper ballots.

Maintain Compliance

Built-in functionality ensures your election complies with association management regulations.

Stand Out from Competitors

Deliver superior customer service and earn a reputation that grows your portfolio.

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