Save Time With An Integrated Banking Solution

Close the Gap Between Banking and Accounting

Web-Based Solution

Item processing, check image archiving, lockbox data, and PDF bank statements are all automatically available via CINC. The remote check image capture system stores all images long-term.

Centralized Management

Daily automated reconciliations make month-end reporting a breeze. Use CINC to create and upload board packages for each association within days.

Stay Balanced

Keeping your accounts balanced and reconciled throughout the month is effortless with customized alerts and automatic account reconciliation.

One Data Source

Increase efficency and accuracy by eliminating the need to manually move and synchronize data across multiple sources. Consolidating financial data and accounts onto one platform allows you to work faster and more confidently from a single source.

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Experience the Power of Integrated Banking and Accounting


CINC supports a variety of payment types including lockbox, ACH, checks, online payments, and credit card. Automatically apply payments to customer accounts with a single click.


CINC issues a positive pay file daily to ensure your company is protected against loss or liability caused by forged, altered, or counterfeit checks.
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