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It’s that time of year when school’s out, community pools are opening, and neighbors get to reconnect during the busy summer social season. Many look forward to the easygoing summer months all year, but things aren’t as laid-back for community managers and board members.

For them, early summer brings constant pool-related queries from homeowners, endless amenity bookings to coordinate, and more vendors to manage, such as lifeguard agencies or service crews. Managers are so inundated with calls and emails they can hardly leave their desks. Meanwhile, the “VP of Pool” can’t go for a neighborhood stroll, let alone the pool, without being ambushed with questions, suggestions, and complaints.

Now, help is here. It’s called Cephai, and it’s the first true generative AI platform built for the community association management industry. Cephai provides homeowner-facing support, offering instant answers to common questions concerning the pool and other amenities.

Let’s look at a few of the ways Cephai helps drive down contact volume by up to 80% so management teams can focus on building meaningful connections within their communities.

1 – Streamlining Pool Key Distribution

Assigning, distributing, and troubleshooting access pool keys or passes is a huge task for property managers each summer. Cephai can resolve the most common touch points residents have and point them in the right direction to start the process or replace a lost card, saving countless calls and emails.

Step 1: After learning about it in their welcome postcard, a new homeowner downloads the CINC Homeowner app.

Step 2: The homeowner asks Cephai, “How do I get a key to the pool?”

Step 3: Cephai uses association-specific data to provide an accurate answer in seconds. “To request a pool key card, please click this link to submit a pool key card request. Cards are typically issued and delivered within five business days.”

2 – Answering Common Pool Questions

No one wants to walk to the pool to see if the lifeguard’s currently on duty or whether the swim team is done practicing. They expect answers at their fingertips, quickly. Cephai answers common questions like these in seconds, so you don’t have to.

“What are the pool hours?”

“Is there a lifeguard on duty?”

“How old does my child have to be to go to the pool without me?”

“When does the pool close for the season?”

“Am I allowed to bring guests to the pool?”

“Is there a swim meet tonight?”

“Can I bring food to the pool?”

“Is there a snack bar?

3 – Managing Amenity Reservations

If your pool includes spaces like pavilions or clubhouses that homeowners can reserve for their events, you probably spend a lot of time emailing back and forth about available dates, guest rules, and reservation questions. Cephai can help by directing the homeowner to the reservations portal.

  • Directing questions about available dates to the reservations portal within the CINC Homeowner app
  • Informing homeowners that they can make a reservation easily through the online portal
  • Answering questions about deposits and other rules

4 – Improving and Expanding Over Time

Because generative AI is built to learn and improve continuously, Cephai’s accuracy only improves over time. At CINC Systems, we’re actively expanding our platform’s AI capabilities; Cephai will soon be available in the CINC Manager app to help managers work more efficiently.

Cephai is secure, customizable, and free to all CINC Systems customers. Check it out in the CINC Homeowner app, or take a tour here.


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