The Most Powerful Accounting Software in the CAM Space

A Whole New Level of Efficiency and Accuracy

You don’t need to spend endless hours reconciling budgets to create any semblance of a board report that will appease your clients. All you need is the click of a button.

One Platform, One Login

Stop bouncing between platforms. Gain speed and accuracy by bringing all your banking statements, transactions and accounts on to one seamless platform.

Achieve Faster Month-End Closings

Daily automated reconciliations make month-end reporting a breeze. Use CINC to create and upload board packages for each association within days.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automate time-consuming tasks like daily reconciliation and recurring bill pay to minimize repetitive work while increasing timeliness and accuracy.

Empower the Board

Boards can make more informed decisions by directly accessing monthly board financial reports and interactive accounts receivable screens via CINC.

See Why Finance & Accounting Managers Love Us​

Faster, More Accurate Financials

Board Reporting

Consistently on-time accurate month-end financials due to daily reconciliation and the ability to create multiple customized board reports at once.

Multiple Payment Types

One system that processes all types of receivables - checks/coupons, ACH, eChecks, credit card, bill pay - with same day credits to the homeowner account.

Dedicated Lockbox Services

Improve speed and accuracy of payment processing with specialized lockbox services, including payment matching and no-doc management.

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