The Guiding Light to your Community:CEPHAI

Now more than ever, community managers have more responsibilities and greater portfolio sizes, and the need for effective communication with homeowners is critical for retaining clients and employees.

Cephai is redefining how homeowners and community managers interact. As the first generative artificial intelligence dedicated to the community association management space, Cephai focuses on all routine homeowner and board needs so that managers can focus on meaningful community engagement.

Why ask managers the mundane questions? Cephai knows it all.

  • Secure. Generative AI through the industry’s only SOC 2 Type II Platform.
  • Saves Time. Up to 30 hours a week on average per association.
  • Reliable. Data answered by Cephai is based solely on your association FAQs, CC&Rs, and homeowner data.
  • Effective. Improved communication and engagement for your boards and homeowners.
  • Customizable. Just like the homeowner/board app, Cephai’s name and logo is custom to the management company.
  • Free to all CINC clients.
Spectrum AM

Spectrum Association Management Catapults Growth through Mobile Innovation.

To drive meaningful community engagement, homeowner self service is key. Learn how CINC Systems’ self-service tools helped this association management company stand out from the competition, earn new business, and even create a new revenue stream, solidifying its status as one of the most profitable companies in the industry.