Empowered Homeowners Empower You.

Through mobile-first property management technology,  managers can stay focused on what they do best: make a lasting impact on the communities they service.

A Single, Powerful Solution

Community and property managers tell us that their number one need to grow their career are self-service tools for homeowners. We solve for that need through first-of-its-kind mobile technology that keeps managers working one-on-one with their boards.

Heighten Your Efficiency

Let our turnkey management software automate mundane tasks, giving you time to focus on creating real value for the association and supporting business growth.

Improve Two-Way Communications

Increase visibility through a dedicated web portal that allows homeowners to directly access account details, place and monitor requests, and make online payments.

Increase Financial Visibility

Curb the questions from boards by enabling direct access to monthly board financial packages and interactive board accounts receivable screens through a dedicated online portal.

Centralize Tasks and Workflows

Centralize tasks and workflows, including violations management and architectural review requests, onto one sleek system, minimizing logins and platform switching.

See Why Property Managers Love Us

Transformational Functionality

Efficient Workflows

Automate time-consuming tasks with CINC’s ready-to-go workflows so you have more time to spend where it matters.

Property Manager App

Improve productivity by managing workflows and tasks while you are on the go.

Timely Financials

Associations receive an alert as soon as the monthly board package is ready to be retrieved from the online web portal, cutting down on questions about when financials will be available.

Property Management Tools

Centralize daily tasks like violations management, fines, work order management, and more on one platform to improve efficiency and speed.
CINC Manager

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