Collaboration. Convenience. Transparency. CINC’s HOA portal has it all.

Keep board members and homeowners informed and in control — anytime, anywhere

Respond to homeowner requests quickly. Share information on the fly. CINC’s cloud-based, all-in-one association management system encourages community engagement and elevates your management company’s reputation.

Meet homeowners where they are.

Personalized attention is at the heart of the relationship between a management company and an HOA. Empowering board members and homeowners with flexible self-service tools and consolidating association information onto a single platform increases efficiency and improves communication, which shows your clients you care.

Give homeowners the ability to make requests without waiting for a return phone call. CINC’s HOA portal and mobile app enable homeowners to do lots of key actions on their own schedules, like open new ACC applications and work orders, make online payments, and update their account information.

Boards don’t have time to sift through emails to find invoices and documents. CINC’s custom-branded app is the only mobile tool in the industry that provides boards all relevant communications and documents through their phones.

CINC’s integrated draft payment system automatically creates payments for association dues and deducts the draft from homeowner’s bank accounts. Automation means no more worrying about missing payments and associated late fees.

Dedicated websites for all the associations your company manages become a central point of information for homeowners, boards, and management company. Each branded website is designed to increase homeowner engagement, facilitate better communications, and improve visibility for boards and homeowners alike.

Give homeowners direct access to CINC via an online portal, enabling two-way communication, real-time status updates, faster issue resolution, and online account management. CINC offers each HOA board access to a customized web portal where they can directly access monthly financials and interactive accounts receivable screens to facilitate better decision-making.

Intuitive tools enable homeowners to view and add comments to their violations online, reducing phone calls, emails, and other time-consuming communication methods. Streamlining communications means community managers can resolve issues faster and look great in the eyes of the communities you serve.

Modernize the HOA living experience.

More Convenience

Web portals and mobile apps mean that homeowners can connect whenever and however they want.

Increase Transparency

Real-time updates on the HOA portal keep homeowners in the loop.

Respond Faster

Storing all information and documents in one place lets you address homeowner needs faster.

More Flexibility

Increase the number of payment options for homeowners, including eCheck, ACH draft, credit card, and more.

Preempt Concerns

Proactive communication through the HOA portal lets homeowners know what to expect.

Strengthen Community

Branded website and HOA portals reinforce the sense of shared community.

Infographics: Get To Know The Homeowner

Ready to take CINC for a spin around the block?

All these features sound great — but the only way to find out what CINC can really do is to jump in and check out what’s inside. See how intuitive the dashboard is and how the accounting, management, and homeowner tools work.