Cloud-based property management software that matches your workflow.

Strengthen your operational foundation by putting CINC at the center

Afraid that adding another software solution to the mix will interrupt your workflow or disrupt tools you want to keep? Don’t be. CINC’s powerful cloud-based property management platform plays well with the other digital tools you’re already using.

A tech stack built to do it all.

Eliminate lots of administrative and accounting time drains by using CINC as your all-in-one solution. Our experienced technical team has developed proven API integrations for popular community management vendor solutions like resale, mail services, accounts payables, risk assessment, collections, reserve studies, CRM solutions, and more.

Sync up all of your clients’ financial accounts in one place with automatic bank integration. CINC updates account balances automatically and records real-time expenditures, saving your accounting team time when answering questions, conducting daily business and generating reports.

Connect CINC to the tools you’re already using to consolidate workflows and communication history onto a single platform. API integration eliminates the need to update multiple platforms and reduces the risk of manual errors.

Automate time-consuming tasks like daily reconciliation and recurring bill pay to minimize repetitive work while increasing timeliness and accuracy.

Protect your clients from late fees and interest by automating recurring AP payments like utilities, landscaping, maintenance, and security.

Approve your AP from virtually anywhere with CINC’s online coding, approval, and payment processes. Cloud-based property management software lets your teams oversee financial accounts for one client while on-site for another.

Create account profiles for vendors, refresh financial information with the click of a button, and use cloud accounting data to autofill invoices.

accounting dashboard

Work smarter, not harder.

Work Faster

Free your teams from time-consuming financial and admin tasks requiring multiple logins.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce the risk of manual data entry errors through automation and two-way integration.

Support Collaboration

Removing information silos and granting permission-based access.

Empower Board Members

Boards can access and approve invoices online via their dedicated web portal.

Provide Superior Customer Service

Consolidating information onto a single platform lets more members of your team help your clients.

Enhance Productivity

Freeing your teams from time-draining tasks benefits your bottom line.

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Ready to take CINC for a spin around the block?

All these features sound great — but the only way to find out what CINC can really do is to jump in and check out what’s inside. See how intuitive the dashboard is and how the accounting, management, and homeowner tools work.