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“If you build it, they will come.” This strategy may have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but in the tech industry, we know there’s a lot more to launching a successful product. You must build it and encourage adoption, and the latter can prove challenging for association management companies rolling out new technologies like the CINC Homeowner app. While these tools enhance convenience for homeowners, getting people to change their habits and behaviors is never a small feat.

Yet, SpectrumAM, one of the most profitable businesses in the industry known for its standout service, has managed to achieve a remarkable 66% adoption after launching its white-labeled mobile app in 2020. That’s more than 130,000 homeowners in Spectrum’s portfolio who actively use the app! Spectrum shared some of the tactics behind their successful launch, which could also benefit other CAM companies as they seek to improve operations and customer satisfaction through self-service tools.

Let’s look at some of their tips and best practices for increasing the adoption of CINC’s mobile technology.

#1: Promote the app when onboarding a new association.

As you are introducing your management company to homeowners, take that opportunity to introduce your app and its benefits. For Spectrum, that means using snail mail to ensure all homeowners in the community are aware of how the new self-service features will improve convenience and efficiency.

“If we bring on a new association, we let them know in their welcome postcard that they can download the mobile app where they can do everything online,” says Terri Allen, Customer Experience Director at Spectrum.

Spectrum has also used flyers and other direct marketing materials to spread the word to homeowners.

#2: Leverage existing communication channels to get the word out.

Some of the most effective channels for increasing mobile app adoption are the ones you already use to communicate with homeowners. Plus, these are among the easiest to update!

One simple place to start is asking your association managers to include an app download link in their email signatures, as Spectrum did. You can also promote the new app on your website, social media channels, newsletters, and billing statements.

#3: Raise awareness using customer service touchpoints.

While some homeowners prefer to speak to a live person when they have questions or requests, others are likely calling because they aren’t aware of the self-service tools available. Spectrum opted to include messaging about the app in their customer service phone tree and throughout office and lobby areas.

“When you walk into our lobbies, on the TVs, we have the QR code where they can go to either the Apple Store or the Google Store to download it,” explains Terri.

Spectrum also has a live chat feature on its website, which now offers homeowners the option to download the app for convenient, 24/7 assistance and features.

#4 Use custom content to streamline homeowner tasks even more.

By using CINC’s custom content functionality to place links to association tools and forms unavailable within the app, such as pool key or payment plan requests, you can quickly turn the app into a hub for even more self-service tasks. That means even more reasons to direct homeowners to the app!

“Even though it may direct [homeowners] to a website, you can still put those links in as custom content so the homeowners can get the information or the form they need,” explains Terri.

The effort Spectrum devoted to promoting their app not only helped them achieve industry-leading adoption rates. It is driving tangible business results and growth. The company has seen a 12% reduction in calls and emails, giving managers more time to focus on community engagement. Nearly 40% of homeowner payments are now made through the app, allowing associations to collect dues more quickly. It has all amounted to highly satisfied homeowners and HOA clients — 97% of whom renew their contracts year over year.

Check out our case study to learn how SpectrumAM’s partnership with CINC has catapulted growth, opened a new revenue stream, and solidified its status as one of the industry’s most profitable companies.


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