Case Studies

Explore real-world stories of how CINC Systems helps elevate association living for boards, homeowners, and community managers.

Spectrum Association Management Catapults Growth through Mobile Innovation

Learn how CINC Systems’ self-service tools helped this association management company stand out from the competition, earn new business, and even create a new revenue stream, solidifying its status as one of the most profitable companies in the industry.

Edison Stays in CINC with Accounting Services

Learn how Tracy Durham - President and CEO of Edison Association Management - achieved record growth after partnering with CINC Systems and the Accounting Services team.

From Texas startup to community stakehold.

Through CINC Systems and their Accounting Services division, Secure Association Management experienced 635% growth in under ten years.

Best-in-class software meets best-in-business entrepreneur.

Learn how Key Community Management combined their service-first approach with CINC’s cloud-based solution to scale their business and achieve long-term career success.

CEPCO makes the switch.

CEPCO, one of North Carolina’s most experienced association management companies, transformed their business after switching to CINC Systems – proving that sometimes, making the switch in your accounting and property management software truly pays off.

Boutique Management Company sees 500% growth with CINC

This millennial dream team leveraged technology to be selective with its clientele and deliver boutique-level service from anywhere.

Priestley Management Company adds 12,000 doors.

Learn why David Priestley – the President of one of North Carolina’s most experienced and successful community association management companies – says that CINC has helped his company grow “more than anything else.”

Industry-Specific Software Saves Over 70 Hours Per Month.

Learn how Gulf Coast Community Management drastically reduced their workload while gaining new clients because of their switch to CINC Systems.

How innovation can directly attribute to profitability.

Learn how Derek Greene, Chief Executive Officer of Community Association Management, uses his tech background to drive growth and improve the living experience for his homeowners.