Perfect for executives and team trainings, these quick worksheets are pulled from our e-books and guides to help you grow your company’s presence. 

UVP Template

Now you stitch these items together into a (very) short story.

Sample Pitch Deck

Click here to download our sample pitch deck. Make it your own through team photos, logos, color schemes, and more.

Marketing Your Portal

Use the below tools to create customizable marketing assets to showcase your online portal and online payment options through CINC.

Homeowner App Custom-Designed Marketing Material

A strong prelaunch and launch campaign will deliver superior results in the adoption of your Homeowner and Board App. Use the below customizable marketing materials to get started.

Elevator Pitch Templates

Like we mentioned above, you should have several elevator pitches prepared for a variety of scenarios. Changing up the style of your pitch is an effective way to add variety and cover a lot of ground.

Finding Your Why

Build your own Golden Circle, listing out what your company does, how you do it, and why you do it. From here, consider your why when reviewing your company's mission statement

Client Interviews

Use the below template as a starting point when conducting your client interviews. Speak with key decision makers within your top-tier HOA/COA boards. This is just a starting point, so add any questions where you see fit to build the right persona for your brand

Defining Your Brand Personality

A tone of voice is not what you say, but how you say it. This encompasses not only the words you choose, but their order, rhythm and pace. Through Tone of Voice, every statement made about your brand - from your website to your sales pitch - should align with the voice you've established.

Finding Your Core Values

Considering the adjectives you chose in the earlier exercise, choose up to five values and write a corresponding sentence for each.