What does CINC’S association management solution cost?

We know you want to talk numbers – but it’s just not that easy. Anyone offering an instant quote on an association management software solution hasn’t taken the time to learn more about your company — which is exactly what needs to happen to make sure you get the best price.

What goes into our custom pricing structure?

We can’t just issue a blanket price because there’s so much we can do to cut your costs down. Here are the things we consider when building a tailored monthly fee for your company.

  • Number of doors covered
  • Your current tech stack
  • Number of integrations
  • Custom integrations
  • Your banking partners
  • Revenue-sharing opportunities
  • Your payment solutions

How CINC pays for itself.

CINC’S all-in-one association management solution helps you grow your portfolio — and your bottom line.

Reduce monthly subscription fees

Consolidate data and workflows into a single monthly subscription.

Improve team efficiency

Empower team members to maximize their hours on the job.

Increase transparency

Get a data-driven view of company performance to inform decision-making.

Serve homeowners better

Wow current clients and keep adding outstanding reviews.

Prepare to scale

Maximize your business efficiency so your company can scale profitably.

Sell with confidence

Set your company up for a smooth acquisition.