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In the community association management landscape, we hear it all the time – where can I hire good talent? Many association management companies struggle with not just hiring managers, but hiring qualified managers. And the stakes are high – oftentimes, hiring the wrong manager will result in a lost client.

To address this major challenge within the CAM industry, it’s essential to ask the right questions and delve into the heart of the matter. So let’s explore three key questions that organizations should ask themselves when facing difficulties in hiring quality community and property managers.

Are We Prioritizing Leadership Skills in the Hiring Process?

Effective community managers are the backbone of a management company. However, identifying individuals with the right leadership skills can be challenging. When faced with difficulties in hiring good managers, it’s crucial to assess whether the hiring process emphasizes leadership qualities. Consider incorporating behavioral interviews, case studies, and situational judgment tests to evaluate a candidate’s ability to lead and make informed decisions. Consider the PCAM as well – while there may not be enough PCAMs to go around in the industry, there are certainly enough who would be eager to earn a PCAM. When interviewing a candidate, ask them about their knowledge and interest of certification, and be sure to explain the process to those who are new.

Moreover, in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, a successful manager must also be adaptable and open to embracing technological advancements. In the hiring process, assess a candidate’s willingness and capability to leverage technology to drive innovation and efficiency within the organization. Look for candidates who not only have a strong managerial skill set but also a keen interest in staying abreast of technological trends that can benefit the company.

Are We Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning and Technological Adoption?

A management company’s ability to integrate technology seamlessly is often hindered by a lack of a learning culture. Organizations that foster continuous learning create an environment where employees are encouraged to acquire new skills and adapt to technological changes. To assess your organization’s approach, ask yourself whether there are opportunities for employees, including managers, to upskill and stay current with the latest technologies.

Implementing regular training programs, workshops, and mentorship initiatives can create a culture of continuous learning. Additionally, provide resources and support for managers to explore and implement technology solutions in their respective departments. This not only enhances their managerial capabilities but also ensures that the organization stays competitive in a technologically driven business landscape. CINC clients, for instance, have access to multiple training webinars in their CINC Community portal. Ensure your team has access to that library and is regularly staying up-to-speed on all things new and evolved, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and mobile innovation.

Is Our Technology Improving Homeowner Self Service?

CINC’s 2023 State of the Industry Report unveiled that managers’ number one ask to grow their careers is self-service tools for homeowners. This makes perfect sense when considering the common challenges or a community or property manager. When faced with answering a multitude of rather menial questions from homeowners, managers are unable to focus on providing real solutions to homeowner engagement and apathy.

Consider the tools that you are offering to your homeowners – are they able to manage all of their needs in one mobile app, or do they have to log in and out of multiple portals to handle payments and other HOA/COA tasks? Can board members access their financials through an app, or do they have to sift through PDFs and emails? Can homeowners easily look up CCRs through generative AI or other efficient forms of technology, or do they have to read through a giant PDF? Consider where the stopgaps are for your managers and how you can quickly solve for them.

Addressing challenges in hiring quality managers and incorporating technology requires a strategic and introspective approach. By asking these three fundamental questions, community association management companies can identify areas for improvement and develop a roadmap to attract top managerial talent while leveraging technology to its fullest potential. Remember, the key lies not only in finding the right people and tools but also in fostering a culture that promotes continuous learning, adaptability, and a clear alignment of technological solutions with business objectives.


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