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Running a homeowner association (HOA) or condominium association (COA) requires hard work, patience, and a lot of time. For most HOA/COAs, it makes more sense to hire an outside association manager. An association manager will use their expert knowledge and professional experience to streamline the association’s daily operations.

Having an association manager allows HOA/COA Board members and residents to simply enjoy their community without the stress of management duties. A manager can monitor the association’s finances, collect fee payments, process work orders, help maintain properties, and more. By using association management software like CINC Systems, managers can also organize the HOA/COA’s data more efficiently and help the association go paperless.

Although a very small HOA/COA could be managed by board members or residents, even these associations will benefit from the assistance of an association management company. Along with management and accounting software, a manager is one of the best investments an association can make!

Here are some of the ways your clients will benefit from having an HOA/COA property manager.

HOA/COA Managers Will Handle Financial Tasks

When it comes to managing an association, financial tasks are often the most tedious. Running an HOA/COA requires a lot of accounting. Luckily, an association manager can handle these responsibilities. Using software like CINC Systems, which offers easy bank integration, HOA/COA managers can monitor an association’s bank accounts from one convenient dashboard. They can track deposits, automate bills, and pay other expenses with a few clicks.

Association managers can also collect resident fees. For many HOA/COAs, collecting fees can be a hassle. It can be difficult to track which residents have paid on time and follow up with the ones who haven’t. It also takes a lot of time and paperwork to deposit checks at the bank. Association managers bring valuable expertise to this process, using HOA/COA accounting software to create online web portals for payment. They also know the best ways to communicate with their clients’ delinquent residents and de-escalate potentially sticky situations.

They Will Carry Out Daily Operations

With any successful homeowner or condominium association, there’s always a lot going on behind the scenes. HOA/COAs require many day-to-day tasks to thrive, from scheduling services like trash pickup to answering phone calls from residents. Without an association manager, these little items can quickly add up and become overwhelming.

An association manager coordinates with Board members to schedule meetings, updates resident directories, and more. Although daily operations for an HOA/COA may seem small, they’re still important responsibilities. An HOA/COA will benefit from hiring an outside management company because the managers will make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Association Managers Process Work Orders

Association managers also help their HOA/COA clients by processing work orders. Using software like CINC Systems, they can create an online portal where residents can submit repairs directly from their computer or phone. They can also attach a picture of the work that needs to be done.

When managers receive work orders online, they can sort the jobs by submission date, category, priority, or other custom variables. This means they can schedule repairs more efficiently. For example, association managers can use their work order web portal to schedule all electrical work for the same day. By hiring a manager to process work orders, HOA/COAs will run with greater efficiency.

They Manage and Maintain Common Areas

For HOA/COAs that have common areas, having an association manager can make a huge difference. Common areas such as pools, courtyards, laundry rooms, gyms, and tennis courts require a lot of maintenance. Because these areas are shared by everyone in the association, it’s easier to hire an outside manager to take care of them rather than sharing the responsibility among residents.

HOA/COA managers can also manage these spaces by creating an online reservation system. With a platform such as CINC Systems, association property managers can post rules for common areas and make announcements about repairs or upgrades.

Managers Perform Site Surveillance and Inspections

An association manager is often the HOA/COA’s “eyes and ears” on the ground. Managers perform on-site surveillance, looking for problems that need to be fixed such as broken sprinklers, burned-out street lamps, and security issues. Additionally, association managers can perform necessary property inspections as well as resident move-outs and move-ins.

By being onsite at the client’s properties, a manager can enforce the HOA/COA’s community rules. If a resident has violated a code or made unauthorized additions to their home, HOA/COA managers will spot these issues and resolve them accordingly.

They Communicate with Residents

Finally, homeowner associations and condominium associations benefit from having a manager because managers handle resident communications. Association managers share community rules and regulations, notify residents when fees are due, and make announcements on behalf of the Board. They can answer emails, phone calls, and process suggestions from residents.

HOA/COA managers can also mediate disputes among residents. As a third party, managers are able to remain unbiased and professional when there’s an issue between two residents, or between a resident and the Board. This helps ensure that the association always runs smoothly.

Get Even More Benefits with CINC Systems

Hiring an association manager is a smart move for any HOA/COA. Your clients will benefit tremendously by bringing in a professional to manage their community’s finances, daily operations, maintenance and repairs, inspections, and more. Association managers are professional problem solvers who help HOA/COAs become successful organizations.

But a manager is just one tool among many. To create an HOA/COA that thrives, choose a management company that uses CINC Systems. CINC Systems is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for centralized property management, with streamlined tasks and web portals. It’s the only association management and accounting software your HOA/COA management company will ever need.

See how your association management company will benefit from CINC Systems by signing up for a free demo or by calling 855.943.8246 today.


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