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2022’s CAI National Conference was certainly one of the most eventful moments we had in 2022. We had an incredible time reconnecting with colleagues, showcasing our solution to new clients, and giving away prizes at our Speakeasy party with a cameo from Lance Bass of *NSYNC!

As we recollect from the week of CAM-focused insights and festivities, we consider the key learnings we had while in Orlando. These takeaways are important for any community association management company to consider in the remainder of 2022 and beyond, as we believe that a thorough understanding of these topics are paramount to growth.

IRL is back…

The conversations we had this year were incredible, and we believe everyone would agree that our community was much more excited about engaging in thoughtful conversation this year versus the previous year. Our Speakeasy was an incredible evening of comradery and celebration, and it’s a true indicator of where the world is going: business travel is now at 80% of pre-pandemic levels, proving that many are ready to turn in their virtual cameras for some true person-to-person connection.

What does this mean for you? It means that now is a great time for your communities to revisit their social calendars, ensuring they have some in-person activities for the summer season (so long as it’s deemed safe within your location). It also means that in-person meetings with prospective boards may go a long way for you as you work to build your portfolio – so dust off those in-person brand activation skills and get to it!

…but virtual convenience is here to stay.

The convenience of virtual meetings and hybrid workspaces are lessons learned in 2020 that should not be forgotten. Even with a desire to meet up again in real life, communities and employees value the flexibility of choosing to meet in person or virtually. Virtual board meetings are certainly here to stay, and hybrid/remote work options will help you if you’re struggling with hiring in what continues to be a tight labor market. Online tools that drive engagement within communities should not go unused as well – for instance, the polling features offered through our HOAst e-voting tool are great ways to bring the community together through a few quick emails. Ask your community to vote for the best looking lawn this season and watch the (friendly) competition grow!

Community Manager burnout is still top-of-mind.

As we’ve been reporting for over a year now, the burnout that community managers are experiencing as a result of an ever-growing workload and increased homeowner tensions is driving two week notices left and right. Many management company owners asked us not just how our technology drives profit, but how it alleviates workload for their teams. Mobile-first technology is key, and we spent loads of time on our phones showing everyone how they can complete a 9-5 workday with the tap of a thumb. It’s this mobile-first approach that will continue to curb burnout and re-engage community and property managers in their careers – which will in turn reduce turnout among association management companies.

Customer support is an essential component to technology.

As business owners and community managers approached our booth this year and enjoyed the tours of our mobile capabilities, we were consistently approached with the same question: How will you support us on a regular basis? This isn’t a question we regularly heard in years prior, so to us it means one thing: many software providers and vendors are reducing their investments in account success and customer service.

This couldn’t be a worse time for vendors to reduce the level of service they provide to their clients, as our State of the Industry Report shows the growing concern of customer issues arisen through Pandemic-induced trauma and anxiety. Vendors should be offering to their clients the same level of service that they received during the sales process, through personnel such as a dedicated Account Success Manager and highly regarded support team. To learn how CINC provides support for day-to-day association management and long term business growth, check out our upcoming webinar about putting the Service back in SAAS.

What was something you learned from CAI National 2022 that we didn’t cover? Connect with us to let us know your thoughts and what’s driving your growth for the remainder of the year.


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