CINC Manager

CINC Manager is a property manager app designed to ensure managers can do what they do best – support boards and homeowners in the field

Available on iOS and Android, CINC Manager is your go-to device to manage property and community manager tasks on the go – from completing a work order to vendor correspondence, everything is available on one screen.

Now available on CINC Manager 4.0:

The newest version of CINC Manager can toggle between online and offline mode so that community managers are able to complete property inspections and communications even if they are in areas with spotty cellular coverage. Some of the newest features include:

  • The ability to pause, interrupt and resume data downloads on a per property basis
  • The ability to download data from hundreds of properties at onc
  • A seamless data sync that improves accuracy and efficiency
CINC Manager
Enhanced search functionality
Search your entire database for properties, violations, ACC requestions, and more.
Real-time communication
Streamline communication with board members, homeowners, and vendors.
Manage work orders in minutes
From receipt to completion, handle all your work orders with the click of a button.
multiple devices


It’s so easy.

Debbie Kanzelmeyer, Director of Operations, Atlanta Community Services 

“I love how it can be used on multiple devices, from your phone to your tablet. It makes things so much easier when you’re out in your neighborhoods.”

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At CINC, we support our customers in four key areas
that drive profitability:


Financial Control

Up-to-date reporting to improve financial transparency

property manager

Property Management

Streamlined workflow automation to boost employee productivity

board communication

Board Communication

Customized HOA portals to streamline communication

homeowner engagement

Homeowner Engagement

Complete visibility into payments, violations, workorders, and more

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