HOAst E-Voting Platform

No Qualms
Over Quorum.

Across the United States, homeowners associations are burdened with inefficient voting processes that increase cost, time, and risk for fraud.

HOAst is the only fully integrated e-voting platform that provides homeowners the ability to vote electronically with ease, while board members can rest assured that they can achieve quorum without the hassle.

  • One Screen, One Login. Access e-voting tools within CINC Systems from the same login for all of your HOA/COA needs. 
  • Real-Time Results. Board members can view results in real time and communicate with homeowners to let them know if they have completed their vote or still need to vote.
  • Voter Confidence. An integrated electronic system reduces the risk of uncompliant or fraudulent elections. There’s no guesswork behind who voted when, and no need to export and import excel files to update homeowner information.
  • Less time and stress. Paper ballots, excel exports, manual reconciliation – these are all costly processes that you don’t need to do when running an election.
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For the Association Management Company
Modern tools and technologies will help you stand out from your competitors and increase your client portfolio. Here's just another way to make life easier for your homeowners and HOA/COA boards.
For the Board
It's easier than ever to achieve quorum through HOAst. Review results in real time, communicate with homeowners about their votes, and avoid hassles with paper ballots and fragmented data.
For the Homeowner
Have your voice heard in the comfort of your own home. Feel secure knowing your ballot was cast and you are in-the-know on the latest voting measures within your community.
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