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Community and Property Management

How many browser tabs do you have open on your computer right now?

If you’re like most of us on an average work day, you have your inbox opened, an email response you’re drafting to a customer, an article someone forwarded to you that morning, your Facebook feed, and a slue of excel files and PowerPoints. When working in association management, you likely have far more to sift through digitally.

Is this productive? Unfortunately, no. When your computer is filled to capacity with various projects and communications, both you and your computer work slower as a result.

Oftentimes, working professionals mistaken task-switching with multi-tasking. Task-switching is consistently moving from one task to another, regardless of completion, whereas multi-tasking is completing multiple projects at once. As humans, we’re not good at either.

Research shows that humans are intrinsically very poor multi-taskers. Every time we switch our attention, we lose concentration.  What’s more, other studies have shown that multi-tasking can have long-term effects on brain density, which decreases productivity over time. Multi-taskers can also become addicted to the instant gratification that comes from completing a quick task off your to-do list, deceptively making one believe they’re highly productive when they’re actually not.

So, what’s the solution?

After all, with so much that needs to be done in a given day in community association management, multi-tasking seems like a necessity. But when it comes to operational tasks in our industry, the individual doesn’t need to assume the role of the multi-tasker. With a fully centralized SaaS-based platform, the system can multi-task for you while reducing the number of browser tabs needed to complete a job.

Can your system achieve this? Let’s consider a few questions:

  • Can your team run batch letters in the background, while completing other tasks?
  • Do you see financial activity without having to log into a separate system on your bank’s site?
  • Can one look up accounts across multiple locations at the same time?
  • Is it possible to see homeowner details all on one screen, instead of having to perform multiple inquiries?

The more fragmented your technological platforms are, the less productive your team performs. Furthermore, centralized SaaS-based systems show to improve employee morale and retention, as work is easier and less task-heavy. Our recent State of Association Management Survey showed that the number one assumed deterrent for growth is employee hiring and retention, so this should be a huge priority for companies.

CINC brings it all together.

At CINC, we continuously enhance our product offerings so that our system multi-tasks while your team can focus on what matters most. Our system gives you the ability to:

  • Run multiple reports at once with no interruption
  • View bank activity within CINC’s system, so you don’t have to log into your bank portal
  • Automate manual, time-consuming processes, including batch letters and HOA board packages
  • Mobile applications so that property managers can manage work orders and ACC requests on site

If you’re interested in learning how you can improve productivity and reduce browser tab overload, let’s connect for a quick chat about your company.


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