Community and Property Management

The summer season is regularly a time of leisure. School is out, kids go away to camp, and families are booking vacations for several weeks out of the season. But the season isn’t a break for community and property managers. Within every HOA in the United States, maintenance is critical during the summer season.

If you’re new to managing an HOA, you may be wondering what HOA/COA maintenance tasks are non-negotiable for the summer. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of tasks that must be on your list this season:

Community Pool Maintenance

By now you have probably inspected and cleaned your pool for the summer season, and you’ve updated safety protocol in accordance to COVID-19 regulations within your region. But this doesn’t mean you’re done. Regular pool skimming during the summer months is extremely important, as loose debris can sink to the bottom of the pool and cause algae. Chemical levels should also be regularly checked to ensure that chlorine levels don’t irritate your swimmers – and that the levels are strong enough for a good cleaning!


Now that the community areas have been cleared of debris and updated with fresh new plants, it’s important to ensure that these areas are properly cared for throughout the summer season. Take into consideration proper watering times and regulations within your state – especially if your community is in the west coast. It’s important to know not just how much you can water, but when to water your community areas. There are times in the day that are so hot, water will evaporate before it hits the grown, and your maintenance attempts become null and void.

Community Areas

Areas regularly utilized by your community – such as playgrounds and grilling areas – need to be regularly cleaned and inspected for safety. Be sure that grills are stocked with gas and working in a proper and safe manner. Play areas should also be sanitized on a regular basis – even more so than on pre-pandemic years, as hygiene will continue to be a concern within your community.

Gym Area

Gyms are some of the most attended areas within a HOA/COA, and they are also a hotspot for germs. Be sure that treadmills, exercise bikes, and free weights are cleaned thoroughly, as they have been shown to harbor the most germs. Gyms also need to be checked regularly for proper ventilation, especially in warmer months.

Other Repair and Construction Projects

Finally, the summer season is the best time for repairs, maintenance, and construction projects because of the longer daytime schedules. Major projects needed within your HOA/COA should ideally be scheduled over the next couple months, including repaving roads, painting the interiors and exteriors of community buildings, and pressure washing sidewalks.

Summer maintenance is essential to proper community planning, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why CINC created the Portfolio Management Module, which provides community and property managers consistent reminders and a project roadmap for maintenance calendars and important action items. Take a product tour to see more of what you get for your property management needs when you #GetInCinc, and connect with us if you’d like to take a custom demo!


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