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Remember the original installation wizards of early computing days? There were dozens of steps, and while most of the time you could get away with simply clicking “Next >” over and over again, many wizards required some level of real technical understanding.

Those wizards got way more complicated before they got simpler, because customization was a huge push for “personal computers” –how can something be “personal” if you can’t personalize it, right?

That got old relatively quickly.

The modern world is all about simplification. Today, everyone is walking around with a personal, pocket-sized computer everywhere they go. They can use it to pay bills, buy food, order rideshares, even track their physical health–and that isn’t even what the thing is functionally sold as! What part of “phone” is supposed to mean “all-in-one life device?”

We live in an age where that level of simplicity is not only desirable, it’s expected. HOA tools should be just as user-friendly, but the reality is that very few truly are.

Customizability is NOT Simple

For most cell phone users, core daily functions are all nearly automatic. The most popular apps on the most popular phone providers tend to be incredibly user-friendly right “out of the box.” There is no heavy lifting required to get the app onto the phone, or to get the app running the way it’s supposed to run.

Many community association management (CAM) platforms claim they operate in the same way, but when push comes to shove, that isn’t the case.

Several major providers to the CAM industry today sell the concept of customization. In theory that sounds great! Who doesn’t want to pick and choose which important tasks they prioritize in their chosen management tool?

The downside? Very few people actually have the developer or computing knowledge to customize those workflows efficiently. The setup relies on those same, outdated installation wizards of Old Tech, and expects everyday users to know the right steps of services needed to make their tasks pain-free. Completely unrealistic.

If something is going to be labeled as “efficient,” it should not require a background in computer sciences to accomplish that goal. CINC doesn’t expect you to build your own software–you are not a developer, nor should you have to be.

The CINC Difference

The originator and maintainer of bank integration combined with being the only open-source platform serving the CAM industry with 130+ APIs.

For non-techies, that probably doesn’t sound terribly impressive, or even make a lot of sense. But we promise, it’s pretty huge.

Being “open source” means that any third-party providers can connect via API with CINC without requiring additional logins. Fewer logins mean fewer clicks and an even smoother experience for every user.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the connective tissue that allow CINC Systems to easily communicate with outside platforms. resale documents, vendor management, ticketing systems, all examples of industry-leading tools and providers who can easily and quickly plug into CINC’s platform, further allowing CINC to be a single source for community managers and their homeowners.

Additionally, auto-reconciliation specifically is a feature that CINC’s deep banking integration heavily supports. Where many platforms claim to handle daily auto-reconciliation, it tends to be less automated than a community needs. Many providers, for example, can only auto-reconcile a single community.  So a user could handle daily auto-reconciliation for a whole community, but an entire portfolio would require potentially dozens of extra button pushes or screen taps. CINC’s robust bank integrations make portfolio auto-reconciliation a standard in the system.

There’s no excuse for clunky technology today. Society has advanced far beyond the days of 15-step set-up wizards, and the CAM industry can rely on CINC Systems to continue that ingenuity for their HOA needs.


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