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So much community. So much fun. CAI National 2023 Recap.

Who is still catching up on their rest from CAI National this year? We don’t blame you. The national conference was TEXAS BIG and included a lot of good music, good food, good conversations, and great community. It was an honor for CINC to be able to join in on celebrating community while showcasing innovation.

Biggest CAI National Takeaways for CINC:

  • The industry values self-service tools, so there was a lot of curiosity around AI tools and solutions that can help them, especially with answering homeowner questions. We heard a lot of these comments and discussions when showcasing our latest concept product in our CINC Tank, the AI chatbot, CINCit.
  • There is a heightened interest in understanding the stability and financial certainty of vendors and partners, especially bank partners. Read about CINC’s bank integration end points.
  • The industry shares in the concerns found in this year’s State of the Industry report from employee recruiting and retention to board and community dissatisfaction.

Here is a recap of all things CINC at CAI National 2023:

We welcomed CAI National attendees with CINC Your Pins and the CINC Espresso Station – did anyone try the lavender latte or honey bourbon latte? Delicious! The incredible baristas took pride in creating CINC lattes with flavored syrups made in-house, resulting in a one-of-a-kind latte experience!

We also kicked-off our CINC Your Pins contest to collect badge flare at each CINC activity – little did we know, our pin to honor CAI’s 50th birthday would become a big hit! Did you get a 50th CAI Birthday pin?

THE World’s Biggest Block Party

The weather treated us well after sundown for an epic block party full of games, music, food, and drinks – we partied our block off! What was your favorite part? It was hard to choose between the life-size games, the fun times on the dance floor, the glow in the dark tees, the VIP area with live music and cigar rolling…it was definitely an epic block party!

Big thank you to all our partners who teamed up with us to create THE biggest block party!

The Rethink Community Station

This should’ve been called the authenticity station – it was such an honor having meaningful discussions about the state of the industry and hearing stories of how so many are navigating the day to day of association management with awareness and empathy. Check out some of the stories shared on CINC’s TikTok.

The CINC Tank

At CAI, we launched The CINC Tank, an innovation hub for the association management industry to ideate, incubate, and innovate solutions to enhance the experience of living in a professionally managed community.

We showcased some of our recent innovations to come out of the Tank:

VendorPay: Pay vendors securely within CINC.

Reservations Module: Homeowners can now book amenities in their homeowner portal, and soon, in their homeowner app.

Miscellaneous Items Feature: Homeowners can now purchase ancillary community items like key fobs in their homeowner portal. Goodbye key fob emails!

Over the last year, CINC has launched over 80 product enhancements.

We also showcased our latest concept product in incubation, CINCit, the AI chatbot who can answer questions about violations, work orders, and homeowner balances.

Shuffle and Sync Customer Event

We love an opportunity to hang out with our customers and treat them to unique experiences. Who knew electric shuffleboard would be such a hit? We had a great time in community with our community – our customers. Now, we’re all waiting to see who will be first to have a shuffleboard at their office! We can’t wait to see our customers again in November as we go beyond the plateau at the Chateau for CINC Up 2023!


In closing, CAI Nationals is always such a great event, thanks to our friends at CAI! We look forward to celebrating community and innovation in Las Vegas for 2024!


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