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As a community association manager, the start of the Spring and Summer season always requires heavy planning and organization. In a world that is still reeling from a global pandemic, preparation is far more complicated. Getting started now with your plans for the warmer weather will help your homeowners feel engaged and connected with your association this season. After all, we could all use some (safe) fun in the sun.

1. Focus on landscaping, repairs, and maintenance.

Creating and beautiful and comfortable atmosphere within your HOAs should be a top priority, especially during Spring and Summer. Studies show that floral arrangements have an immediate impact on happiness and positive outlooks, so creating an appealing landscape within your community can quickly boost homeowner morale. Summer is also an ideal time to complete major outdoor projects, including pressure washing sidewalks and painting the exteriors of buildings. Be sure that your summer construction projects are planned ahead of time so you can immediately break ground at the start of the season.

2. Emphasize water safety.

Now is a great time to be proactive in your water safety standards as you prepare for your pool openings. Fatal drownings surge during the summer months, so you’ll want be ensure your community is enforcing and publicizing pool safety rules, including:

  • Posting rules in close proximity to community pools
  • Inspecting safety equipment now and making updates where needed
  • Communicating guidelines to your homeowners through your web portal and mass messaging tools
  • Reviewing local guidelines to see if your community is in line with recent updates

Water safety is incredibly important, but it can also be fun. Consider offering swimming safety lessons this summer with a local professional, and if you have a good relationship with a local swim class, see if you can offer a discount for your residents.

3. Speaking of safety, let’s not forget that we’re still in a pandemic.

Even with the decline in cases and surge in vaccinations, we still need to keep up with proper precautions. It’s imperative that community managers stay in-the-know with changes to CDC guidelines as we continue to navigate through COVID-19 in the Spring and Summer months; these updates should be communicated with your residents through their homeowner portal. Be sure that residents are following proper guidelines in your community spaces, including the use of facial coverings and proper social distancing measures. While many of us have grown weary of screen time, there are some instances in which meetings can remain virtual in a in the long-term future. If your board meeting has be highly productive on Zoom, there’s no reason why you have to make a switch to in-person meetings.

4. Set clear rules.

As the weather warms up, barbecue parties and campfire roasts will run amuck within the neighborhood. While summer days and nights are always fun, they can bring conflict if rules aren’t set from the get-go. Be sure your residents are aware of protocol when it comes to cleaning up community BBQ equipment and reserving community areas. Now would also be a great time to ensure your residents are aware of any quiet hours or parking rules for guests, as outdoor parties will be heating up soon.

Community managers should also take into consideration any guidelines pertaining to home sharing or short-term rentals. Many residents may be tempted to list their homes on Airbnb or other home sharing sites, and while earning extra cash is a plus, one must be aware of local laws and guidelines you may have within your community rules. Be sure that these rules are publicized in the document section of your homeowner portal.

5. Take advantage of digital communications.

Regular, up-to-date communication can feel daunting, but utilizing your digital tools can make the process seamless and keep in line with homeowners’ expectations. Take advantage of your homeowner app and custom-branded homeowner portal to keep residents in-the-know for all of your guidelines and any community events. Mass messaging tools and newsletters are great ways to communicate quickly and efficiently. The Spring and Summer season also brings a huge opportunity to build community engagement. Keep your calendar and photo gallery updated, and promote these updates on your social and email portals as well.

Brighter days are ahead.

If you have any questions about how you can further take advantage of CINC’s homeowner tools to provide a brighter outlook for your residents this Spring and Summer season, check out our homeowner product tour and reach out to us for a custom review.


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