Property Management Software

It’s that time of year when your team is gearing up for the growing season. Common areas need to look pristine and some of the best amenities within your community are about to open. While this is an exciting time for homeowners and board members alike, it can be quite stressful for community and property managers. There’s so much to do to get ready!

Today’s Portfolio Managers use a variety of tools such as email, Word, Excel, and maybe even paper to manage the tasks of their communities and their contracted responsibilities. Using these tools can be cumbersome for the manager and add significant work when trying to keep Boards updated on the progress of association business and projects. What’s more, they do not provide a way for Senior Management to maintain oversite of their team or develop standardized business processes.

A little bit of help goes a long way.

Knowing this struggle, CINC Systems has created a solution through the Portfolio Management System. The Portfolio Management System is an effective tool for managers, helping them to be more efficient and stay up to date on their tasks. The module also provides easy oversite for Senior Management, giving them the ability to efficiently review the status of the communities in the management company’s portfolio. The system centralizes data and creates management reports to the Board members.

Here’s what you can do with the Portfolio Management System:

  • Weekly and Monthly Board Management/Status Reports
  • Automated Email Reminder Options
  • Management Plan Creation
    • Action Items/Tasks automatically created from the Management Plan
  • Maintenance Calendar Creation
    • Schedule Maintenance Requirements
    • Action Items/Tasks automatically created from the Maintenance Calendar
  • Action Items/Task Management
    • Created by Management Plan, Maintenance Calendars, or by Users
    • Management and Board Items
    • Ability to add notes and attachments
    • Ability to assign tasks to other users
    • Auto Generated Reminders
    • Status included on Weekly and/or Monthly Reports
    • Ability for Senior Management to have oversite on all clients

Would you like to gain a better understanding on how this powerful tool can positively impact you, your team and your clients? Please contact your account manager to schedule a demo and learn more about the Portfolio Management System. After all, a little bit of help goes a long way.


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