Duluth, GA / February 25, 2021 /

CINC Systems, the largest provider of software to the association management industry, announced yesterday a significant addition to its banking business development team.

Greg McCrery, who has built a career on working collaboratively with banks, joined CINC Systems as Vice President of Business Development. Greg will report directly to CINC Systems Chief Operating Officer Robert McCullar and largely focus on the company’s Paygami solution.

Paygami is the only treasury management solution designed specifically for the association management industry.

“At the rate our Paygami business is growing, it’s important we have someone who can work collaboratively with banking partners to ensure they and their management company clients get the most from the solution,” said McCullar, who – as COO – serves as the general manager of the Paygami business. “Greg has significant experience collaborating with banks to help them get the most of new technology.”

McCrery joins CINC Systems after working at Equifax, where he oversaw several growth initiatives. He also previously worked at Cardlytics, Fiserv and FIS Global, to which he sold a consulting firm he co-founded.

“I like helping banks take advantage of technology,” McCrery said. “CINC Systems provides the perfect opportunity to help banks more effectively serve their valued, deposit-rich community association clients.”

Since its founding 15 years ago, CINC has offered its partner banks the ability to efficiently bank homeowner and condominium owner association clients through a tight integration to its accounting and management software. More than 16,000 homeowner’s associations use that platform.

The recent addition of the Paygami product, which CINC Systems takes to market through banks, allows banks to take advantage of that tight integration even when clients don’t use CINC Systems’ accounting and management software.

Paygami was founded to solve the critical need that management companies who run community associations need a digital banking solution designed to meet the unique challenges of managing hundreds of accounts and capable of easily and automatically ingesting statements, check images and other data into their accounting software. They also need to be able to accept payments and provide homeowners with easy-to-use web sites and apps to make those payments.

McCrery will work with partners and bring aboard more banking partners looking to use one or both solutions.

“By the middle of this year we’ll be helping banks manage hundreds of millions of dollars in deposits through Paygami,” McCullar said. “With Greg’s arrival, those banks and the next wave of new partners will be in good hands.”


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