Running a Management Company

In seasoned industries like property management, there tend to be outdated, unwritten rules. These are usually enforced with the phrase, ‘this is how things are done in our industry.’ Reluctance to adopt new technology is a common one, of course, and can go hand-in-hand with the opinion that work has to happen AT work, and a dangerous aversion to losing clients. None of these problems are unique to any one industry, and they can cause serious headaches for your community association managers and board members.

Recently, community association managers have started to push the limits. Some began embracing familiar types of tech, like banking apps and website portals, and warming up to the idea of virtual work over the last decade or so. Then COVID-19 hit, and that slow wade into the waters of automation became an abrupt, head-first dive. Many management companies were struggling to understand their needs in such uncertain times. Nicole Salcedo, CAM, CEO of Lux Management Services, already knew what she and her future clients would need.

Passionate about efficiency, Nicole started Lux with the goal of bringing automation to the property management industry even before the pandemic began. Backed by a group of equally-driven tech-savvy millennials, all she needed was a powerful technology partner – a role CINC Systems was happy to play.

“I feel like I have the right tools to market not just our team, but also the incredible software that we have,” Nicole said.

Managing Your Community From Literally Anywhere

One of the first goals Lux set was giving board members the freedom to access their information from anywhere. Nicole emphasized that this was important because at the end of the day, board members are unpaid volunteers and homeowners in the community. Her drive to provide her customers with top-tier service meant reminding them that they shouldn’t feel obligated to stay on-site to handle their business or attend meetings. She also expected to give that same flexibility to her staff, and CINC delivered.

“I want our staff to be happy and I want my clients to feel like they can run their business wherever they are,” she exclaimed. “No one should feel like they can’t go on a vacation because of a board meeting. A one-hour online meeting is all that’s needed for business to continue its flow. Enjoy the vacation!”

Facilitating the Best Fit (even if it isn’t us)

Lux also wanted to give clients the option to be honest. If a client feels that Lux is not a good fit, or vice versa, Lux will support their decision to leave. This is a concept that is unheard of in the property management industry.

“I don’t fear losing clients,” Nicole said. She knows that if a client and management company don’t align on their expectations, their relationship will fail.

Client retention is important, yes, but it can hurt the clients if done for the wrong reasons. For Lux, the most important aspect of this job has always been customer satisfaction. Nicole found that a lot of board members experienced horror stories about trying to leave a previous management company. Some seemed to believe this was intentional. Others felt that the problem wasn’t the management company, but the challenging software they used. With CINC, Lux doesn’t have that problem.

A hassle-free transition and onboarding process with CINC means that Lux can offer their clients a 30-day cancellation policy. If at any point they don’t like the service they’re receiving, Lux is prepared to guarantee a smooth transition out.

Limiting Client Portfolio to Achieve Laser Focus

Nicole also feels that this gives Lux a unique opportunity to be a little choosy in the community associations they support. Secure in the knowledge that CINC can support and simplify the transition process for any client, Lux is able to embrace the idea of “quality over quantity.” They choose to focus on luxury, boutique-style communities where, ideally, their devotion to customer satisfaction can enhance the community’s existing value and appeal to future residents.

“I’m going to bring in my team, my tools, my software,” Nicole says. “I’m going to help you make good decisions for your association. And guess what? With CINC, everything is at your fingertips.”

Lux Management Services is excited to help usher in a new era of success in the property management industry. Read more about how their strategic partnership with CINC Systems empowers them to do exactly that by downloading the case study below.



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