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Despite the technological innovation happening in many SaaS-based companies, a key component to organizational growth seems to be missing – women. Less than five percent of women in tech companies are leaders in their field, and only 16 percent are sales managers. At CINC Systems we are honored to build an organization dedicated to bridging the gender gap in leadership. Sarah Bloomberg, CINC’s Director of Sales, is one of the women who share a seat at the table, developing key strategies and growth plans to grow our footprint across the US. In honor of International Women’s Day, we sat down with her to learn more about her meteoric rise and advice for aspiring female leaders.

It’s Never a Linear Path

“My career journey has generally always been in SaaS, particularly at the crossroads of real estate and fintech. I took a brief hiatus from tech to work as a commercial real estate broker, but that is a tale for another post. Working my way through the ranks of SaaS leadership was certainly not always a linear or an upwards path, nor do most of us experience linear career growth. But there are two things I did that I believe really helped me grow. First, I always remain humble. Humility is often a leadership skill mistaken for weakness, but it’s a mindset that builds trust between you, your clients and your colleagues. Second, I ensure I am surrounded by great teachers. I’m very lucky for the teachers I’ve worked with thus far, and I don’t take those connections for granted.

I’ve been privileged in that I haven’t had to stay in a job where I wasn’t the right fit, wasn’t appreciated or felt I wasn’t providing the value I wanted to add. Hard work and dedication are integral to success, but when they are matched with the appropriate skillset for the job, you become difficult to overlook. Once you can identify and articulate your value, you owe it to yourself and others around you to ask for the raise, promotion, next step.

The Results are the Results

“Let’s face it – women are often underestimated, and that underestimation begins the moment you walk in the room. There isn’t always a need to overpower the noise of someone underestimating you. I used to try to out-talk, out-shine, and out-prove my worth. I’ve learned many situations require quiet observation to understand the dynamics, the motivators, and the fears of those underestimating me. I have very little control over their opinion, but I can control my own productivity and responses. The results are the results.

Women Should Support Women, Period.

“There are many offices that tend to pit women against each other, causing us to tear each other down so others don’t have to. Women lifting each other up, fostering collaboration, and celebrating each other’s wins can only promote more women to own their leadership title. I think the women who are slow to adopt this ideology will burn out from constantly worrying and looking over their shoulder for someone to displace them – it’s simply not a sustainable way to operate.

The Importance of a Sponsor

“I mentioned that I am fortunate to have many great teachers in my life, many of which are men. These mentors are critical to my self-improvement and strategic career trajectory. In addition to mentors, I believe sponsors are an invaluable asset when it comes to representing voices that may not “have a seat at the table.”  Sponsors are leaders within your company of higher rank who not only believe in your ability and potential but advocate for you in your career growth. I strongly recommend that women, or anyone, who are serious about growth within their company lean on more than just their boss for their growth. Find someone with whom you have a strong connection with. Ask them to sponsor you in your progress and help keep you in check along the way.”

To learn more about Sarah and stay connected as she continues to lead the charge in growing CINC, follow her on LinkedIn. And to stay up-to-date with all of our employees’ careers, follow our company page.


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