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*warning: spoilers ahead*

Unless you’ve spent the past two weeks device free (and if you have, hats off to you), you know that half the population adorned themselves in their best pink glittered attire to see the blockbuster hit movie, Barbie. The film isn’t just a trip into childhood nostalgia with one of the world’s most iconic toys. It’s also an incredible expose on the beauty one can find in humanity while finding oneself, highlighting the common struggles we face when we step outside of our comfort zone to truly understand one another.

In the movie, Barbie is forced to travel from Barbieland into the Real World after experiencing a series of setbacks that disrupt her perfectly protected world. Ken hides in her car to travel along as a helpful companion who is woefully in love with someone who simply doesn’t feel the same way. And while Barbie discovers the complexities surrounding her image as she meets the women who grew up playing with her, Ken discovers that he can break out of Barbie’s power grab through the power of real-world misogyny. This results in him running back home to transform Barbieland into Ken-dom – a place where men can sit around and party all day while the once well-established women serve them.

There’s so much more to the story of The Barbie Movie, so trust us when we say we haven’t spoiled everything. But as we are a tech company invested in the HOA space, we couldn’t help but pause at the scene in which Barbie discovers her mansion transformed into a frat house and think to ourselves, “It’s too bad Barbie didn’t live in an HOA.”

While Barbie is known for her independence and strong character, that doesn’t mean that living in a community governed by a Homeowners Association would have prevented her from showcasing her true self. In fact, an HOA would have kept her dream home a dream home, despite the Ken-dom attacks. Here’s why Barbie and all of her friends desperately needed an HOA in the movie – and why that HOA would be best suited with technology from CINC Systems:

Aesthetic Harmony

One of the primary advantages of living in an HOA community is the commitment to maintaining a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood. HOAs typically enforce guidelines for landscaping, architectural design, and exterior upkeep, ensuring that every property in the community contributes to its overall charm. While these regulations can sometimes feel obtrusive, they upkeep the aesthetics of the neighborhood and overall property value. When Ken rampaged the neighborhood with his small refrigerators filled with beer and horse decor, Barbie’s Community Manager would have immediately stopped him in his tracks. And in less than a minute, that manager could have used their CINC Manager app to process a violation. We doubt Ken earns much as a beach buddy, so he likely doesn’t want to have to pay a violation fee. In just a few taps of an app, Ken-dom would cease to exist.

Enhanced Security and Safety

Barbie’s safety and security should always be a priority, but it certainly wasn’t when someone was able to completely take over her home and throw her infamous clothing out the window. Many HOA communities invest in security measures like gated entries, surveillance cameras, and security patrols, offering residents a peace of mind that their homes and belongings are well-protected. As Barbie is constantly on the move, knowing that her home is safe while she embarks on her various adventures into the Real World can be incredibly comforting.

Amenities and Community Engagement

HOA communities often boast a range of amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, parks, and community centers. And if Barbie wanted to keep her pool parties going instead of Ken’s shenanigans, all she’d have to do is reserve her community pool online. CINC’s Reservations app would have given her to ability to book her pool parties from her custom online portal, so if Ken tried to throw a rager, he’d be swiftly turned away.

Online Voting

In the movie, Barbie and her friends have to undergo an exhaustive scheme to get the votes in their favor for Barbieland over Ken-dom. And while it was great for entertainment value, in the Real World, no one has time to listen to people play Matchbox Twenty for several hours so they can create a diversion to vote. Had Barbie lived in an HOA with a fully integrated online voting system, all the dolls could have voted on Barbieland vs. Ken-dom in under an hour. With the right technology, everyone in a community can feel represented and engaged without hassle from the board or the Community Manager.

While Barbie has always been known for her independence, there’s no denying the allure of living in an HOA community. From maintaining an attractive neighborhood to fostering a sense of community and offering enhanced security, the benefits of HOA living align seamlessly with Barbie’s dynamic lifestyle. Embracing the opportunities that come with living in an HOA, Barbie could truly make her dream home the foundation for endless possibilities and adventures. And, Ken-dom simply would have never happened.


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