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Our 2021 CINCUp User Conference was an incredible hit. We connected, collaborated, and celebrated our success with clients across the United States – and we had a ton of fun while doing so!

This year’s User Conference included a CEO track, and the biggest buzz was clear – how are we going to hire great talent during the Great Resignation? We spoke with esteemed experts Keith Ordan, partner at STONE Resource Group and Matt Mooney, partner at ON Partners, who were joined on stage with our CINC HR team Jericah CarterRhonda Whitfield, SHRM-CP and Karen Sferratore, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. ICYMI, here are some of the key learnings from the panel:

If You Build It, They Won’t Come

“In the past, a job posting would result in hundreds of applications,” explained Ms. Sferratore. “Now, it’s crickets.”

“Right now, good people aren’t looking for a new job,” Mr. Ordan said. “I find that the people who apply through the job posting are not the people we want in the positions we’re posting, so relying on the job post itself to attract candidates won’t work.”

“The best place to recruit is through your own network,” Mr. Mooney added. “Whether it be through LinkedIn or your own communication channels, your colleagues will have the best suggestions for candidates for your job postings.”

“Social media is a great option for recruitment,” Ms. Whitfield said. “Keep a list of strong candidates on file, and when you’re ready to hire, reach out to your list. You don’t have to wait for an open position to build a network of potential team members for future open positions.”

Be Ready to Answer for Flexibility and Diversity

“When I am conducting interviews, the two questions I most often receive from candidates pertain to workplace flexibility and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives,” Ms. Carter said. “You should be prepared to address these questions in the interview. Let candidates know if and when they are able to work from home – for instance, if you require one day a week in the office or are flexible for full-time remote work. You should also be showcasing the ways in which your company executes DEI policies and your goals to improve inclusion in your workplace.”

Many CEOs echoed the importance of flexibility – especially as we continue to manage through challenging times. “The worst thing we can do right now is make our children feel like an inconvenience,” said Henrik Hansen, CEO of Spectrum Association Management. “We are still in a Pandemic, and there are times in which our employees will have no choice but to work while taking care of their kids. As leaders, it’s up to us to set the example. We proudly show our kids on our laps or showcase times in which we have to multitask, so our employees know that it’s okay.”

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

This statement, coined by author Peter Drucker, was a key theme in the panel. The best way to advertise a job to a high-quality candidate is the advertise the company culture. “I think it’s important to sell the candidate on the culture more than anything else,” Ms. Whitfield said. “Even the smallest things, like snacks in the breakroom, can help someone understand that you are there to support them as they grow in their career with you. Highlight the team-building activities and celebratory events that your company holds, and be sure to discuss the types of relationships you have with your employees.”

Prioritize Mental Health

Another big conversation pertained to mental health in the workplace, especially amongst community managers. If our team members are going home every night crying over an upset homeowner, we need to address the situation swiftly before great talent is lost to burnout. “I’m making mental health a priority in our company,” said Jose Ramon Riestra, Jr., President and CEO of Empire Management Group, Inc. “We are working with a mental health coach to meet with our team, see how they are doing, and help us understand how to build a better work environment so that our team feels motivated and empowered.”

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to build team culture and employee retention, check out our interview with David Priestley, President of Priestley Management Company. And if you want to attend next year’s CINCUp User Conference so you have first-hand access to our content and key learnings, let us know.


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