Running a community association can be challenging. Often the homeowners’ association (HOA) manages the organization’s business affairs while struggling to satisfy the community’s wants and needs.

Yet these obligations can become overwhelming and more than the volunteer board members want to take on. When the board gets to this point, many HOAs employ an association manager and management company to oversee community operations.

Once a management company is onboard, it can become confusing as to the roles of the different parties. Let’s take a look at an association management’s role in an HOA board and how it can benefit a community association.

HOA Vs. HOA Management

The jobs of both entities include community building business operations. Despite both the HOA and the HOA management company having the same ultimate objective, each functions in a different capacity.

An HOA’s Responsibilities

An HOA’s responsibilities and the roles of its board members are determined by the association’s governing documents, CC&Rs, local, state, and federal laws. The board runs the HOA and comprises home-owner-elected volunteers.

The HOA is usually responsible for:

The HOA’s board of directors is normally tasked with:

Association Management’s Role

HOAs sometimes turn to professional third-party management companies to help handle their considerable number of obligations.

Community association management companies are chiefly responsible for four main areas of management: administration, accounting services, accounts receivable, and site management.

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