How Do I Choose An HOA Management Company?

As a homeowner association (HOA) manager, it’s important to understand your clients. When you can see things from the HOA’s perspective, you can anticipate their needs and offer better services. Ask yourself the same questions your clients’ HOA board members will be asking themselves. For example, it’s common for board members to wonder, “How do […]

Who Regulates HOA Management Companies?

Homeowner association (HOA) management companies are not strictly regulated. If you’re wondering who regulates HOA management companies, the answer varies by region. Also, most HOA laws affect the association itself, rather than management companies hired by the association. As an association manager, it’s important to understand all types of HOA regulations — whether these regulatory […]

Can an HOA Management Company Save Money by Using Association Accounting Software?

Like any small business, a homeowner association (HOA) management company needs to save money. When you keep your operating costs low, you increase your profit margins and free up your assets to invest in new resources. Saving money is key to helping your business grow and succeed. By using association accounting software, your HOA management […]

Can Association Management Software Help Build An HOA Website?

Every business needs a website. As a homeowner association (HOA) manager, your website can help you attract new clients and build your reputation in the industry. You can also use your HOA website to interface with your clients directly, using integrated web portals to streamline your business process. Perhaps you’re launching a new HOA management […]

How HOAs Can Help Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency and Add Property Value

There are several ways a homeowner association (HOA) can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and add property value to the homes in the community. As an HOA manager, you can assist your clients with these endeavors. HOA managers often act as trusted advisors to the association’s board members, so your input can help guide their decisions […]

Proxy, Quorum, Recuse? What Does it All Mean? – HOA Lingo

Do you know what a quorum is? What about a motion or a proxy? Although you don’t need to be fluent in “legalese” to be a homeowner association (HOA) manager, there are several common terms you need to know. Understanding HOA lingo will streamline your business and improve how you communicate with your clients. Smaller […]

Top 6 Winter Maintenance Tips for HOAs

Are your clients’ homeowner associations (HOA) prepared for winter? If you’re an HOA manager who works in a cold climate, falling temperatures and inclement weather can introduce new challenges. Winter storms can cause property damage, interrupt services, and create many problems for HOAs and their residents. To ensure that your clients make it through the […]

What are HOA Ordinances?

Ordinances play a vital role in shaping a home homeowners association (HOA). As an HOA manager, you’ll need to understand what ordinances are and how they work. In a nutshell, an ordinance is any law or regulation enacted by a municipal body. Ordinances cover a wide range of topics that affect HOAs, from rules about […]

Are HOA Fees Negotiable?

Homeowners association (HOA) fees are the lifeblood of the organization. Also known as dues and assessments, HOA fees are paid by all members of the association. HOA fees cover basic operating costs and maintain the HOA’s special reserve fund, an account reserved for emergencies and unexpected expenses. As an HOA manager, you’ll likely hear a […]

How Long Does an HOA Need to Keep Records?

Managing a homeowner association (HOA) requires solid bookkeeping skills. You need to be organized, detail-oriented, and capable of tracking large volumes of paperwork. Although HOA management software can help your company go paperless and streamline your organization, it’s still important to keep certain records for your clients. How long does an HOA need to keep […]