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Every business needs a website. As a homeowner association (HOA) manager, your website can help you attract new clients and build your reputation in the industry. You can also use your HOA website to interface with your clients directly, using integrated web portals to streamline your business process.

Perhaps you’re launching a new HOA management company and need to build a business website from scratch. Maybe it’s time to simply update your current website to include new features. In the past, building a website required long hours of work and deep knowledge of complicated coding. However, today there are a variety of platforms, such as SquareSpace and Wix, that allow you to create a fully functioning business website in minutes, without zero tech knowledge.

As you plan your new HOA business website, consider the features you’ll need. Websites are powerful marketing tools that show current and potential customers why your services are better than your competitors. Your association management software can help you build an HOA website by adding dynamic, interactive elements for current clients, while helping you broaden your audience for new business.

Integrated Web Portals

One of the many benefits of association management software is that it enables your business to go paperless. New age HOA management software like CINC Systems have made old paper-based systems like filing cabinets and spreadsheets obsolete. These new systems can help you with internal business procedures, such as client financing, as well as assist in daily tasks that involve interacting with the association’s members.

Many association management software programs offer the ability to create online web portals for your clients’ association membership. Web portals can be customized for different features related to life in the HOA. They make association participation easier for residents while improving the efficiency of your own job as the HOA manager.

Association management software can help you build an HOA website by integrating these web portals directly onto your company’s site. To learn how you can do this, explore the features of your HOA management software and talk to the customer service of your website’s hosting company. Once you’ve decided to integrate web portals and taken steps to begin this process, here are three key features to include in your HOA website:

1. Resident Fee Processing

Processing resident fees is one of the best reasons to implement an HOA web portal on your website. As an HOA manager, collecting resident fees on your clients’ behalf is an important duty. After all, resident fees fund the HOA’s projects, contribute to repairs and upkeep, and even pay your salary!

Every HOA has a different protocol for collecting fees. Some may collect fees annually, while others may require residents to pay each month. Regardless of the fee schedule,it is  your job as an HOA manager to collect the payments, deposit them, and follow up with any residents who are past due.

Adding a payment portal to your HOA management business’ website  can give your residents an option to pay the fees online. This is easier for everyone involved. Residents can schedule payments ahead of time, and you’ll save time because fees are automatically deposited into the association’s bank account. Plus, an online payment portal can instantly generate a list of residents who are yet to pay, eliminating the need for complex, manual data processing.

2. Vendor Invoices

Association management software can also help build an HOA website by creating a web portal for vendor invoices. Most associations hire regular vendors. Whether this is a construction company hired for a specific project on a communal property, or regularly scheduled services like landscaping and waste disposal, vendors are constantly submitting invoices that need to be paid. As HOA manager, you’re the one who pays them.

By creating a web portal for vendor invoices, your association management software will dramatically streamline this process and increase your overall efficiency. Similar to a web payment portal for residents, vendors can use the portal on your HOA website to submit their invoices electronically. Then, you can pay them directly from the client’s bank account with the click of a button.

A web portal for vendor invoices also allows you to track the HOA’s bills. This helps you stay organized and ensure that invoice payments are always completed in a timely manner.

3. Work Orders

Finally, an association management software program can help your business create a great HOA website by generating a web portal for work orders. With a web portal for work orders, residents can open tickets online, any time, 24/7. They can also upload photos of the issue that needs to be addressed.

Once submitted, you’ll receive the work orders in your association management software dashboard. You can organize the work orders by category, submission date, and priority. This allows you to plan repairs more efficiently. Then, as the work begins, you can send electronic updates to the resident who opened the ticket.

Using an integrated web portal for work orders is a much better process than the traditional method of filing paperwork in a physical inbox. By including the work order feature on your website, residents will appreciate the efficiency of your management business, that is both modern and customer-friendly.

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Create Web Portals with CINC Systems

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Client Reviews

Finally, association management software can help you build an HOA website by giving you an opportunity to collect client reviews. As a business, user testimonials are a valuable marketing tool for attracting new customers. Feature quotes from happy clients on your HOA website can show potential customers how your business helps HOAs thrive and function effectively.

Use association management software to collect online feedback from your existing clients via your program dashboard. Then, choose the best reviews, get the client to give you permission to feature their words on your site, and post great quotes for the whole world to see.

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