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When reviewing the right software solution for your community association management company, you may be wondering why choosing a solution specific to the CAM space is so important. It may seem alluring to purchase cost-effective off-the-shelf software, especially if you’re a smaller company. Or, some owners who manage rental properties may opt for one simple package understand the impact CAM-specific software can make.

The CAM Industry is Always Changing

HOA and COA laws are consistently changing across the country, and these changes affect regions differently. For instance, California-based management companies need to be highly considerate of GDPR laws when asking homeowners to opt into communications, and EDD reporting requirements mean that many software providers cannot adhere to the needs of the state. HOA e-voting laws are also in flux, and it can be challenging for company owners to keep track of what’s happening within their state. When a company is using a software solution dedicated to the CAM industry, they are equipped with a team of professionals who are well aware of changing rules and regulations, and these professionals ensure that the software they offer comply with the ever-changing rules.

HOA Management and Property Management are Drastically Different

The skills and experience needed in HOA management versus rental property management are quite different. Community managers, who service their respective HOAs and COAs, are responsible for carrying out the needs of their boards, while managers over rental properties are directly working with tenants. Property managers for rentals focus individual responsibilities and tasks, such as house/apartment maintenance and urgent repair needs. The responsibilities of a community manager are far more extensive, as they are supporting community needs through vendor management, board requests, and the enforcement of tasks from the HOA boards. That’s why there is extensive education and certification needed in community management versus general property management.

As one can imagine, when a software provider offers broader service, their level of expertise decreases. So when one is utilizing software from a provider that focuses on rental and HOA management, they aren’t receiving the same expert-level service other providers can offer. This may result in product offerings that aren’t specifically geared towards community management, such as homeowner mobile apps.

Getting the Best Service in SAAS

Finally, the service offered through software providers dedicated to the community association management space is truly second to none. Not to toot our own horns (but we will for a moment!), the Account Management team at CINC Systems is comprised of former community managers and management company owners who are true experts in the field. They offer one-on-one support to their clients not only to resolve technical questions, but to brainstorm ways they can support business growth plans for the company. All of this is wrapped into the cost of CINC’s solution – not as an add-on sale. And this type of dedicated service is what one misses out on when they buy software that just gets part of the job done.

To learn more about the benefits of CAM-specific software – and to get a full rundown of everything to consider when choosing the right software for your management company – check out our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for community association management.


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