22 Ways to use the HOAst E-Voting Platform in 2022

22 Ways to use the HOAst E-Voting Platform in 2022

“This is going to be my year!” is the rallying cry for many at the start of January. But after everything we’ve been through in the past couple years, we’re likely going to cautiously tiptoe into 2022 and hope for the best. And while we can’t do much to impact grocery prices and COVID variants, a lot can be done to impact homeowner apathy and community involvement, which in turn drives profit for association management companies. That impact comes as a result of the latest addition to CINC’s portfolio, the HOAst e-voting platform.

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You may be thinking that e-voting is something that is done only once a year, so what’s the point in looking into HOAst until your upcoming annual election? In fact, the features within HOAst are so interactive that it can be used year-round to ensure that your homeowners have their voices heard. Here are 22 ways your boards can use HOAst this ‘22 year – some of these may be available in Pro or MultiPro, but you can ask your account representative about the differences to see which one is right for you:

  1. Send a poll to pick your spring social theme. Drive connectivity now by sending a quick poll to homeowners to see what they want to do for a spring get-together. The options are endless, from a food truck party to a kickball tournament.
  2. Create a board member voting group. Sometimes even achieving a quorum on the board can be tricky, considering how busy everyone gets. Create a voting group just for boards to gather results for topics discussed at the last meeting. 
  3. Bid management and selection. When completing a project in the neighborhood, oftentimes you’ll have several vendors submit their proposal. Keep everything organized and have board members participate in the selection of the best vendor for your project.
  4. Create a board vote for ARC Guidelines. Determine the planning, construction, and renovation of your homes in a formalized manner. 
  5. Revise ARC Guidelines. Perhaps you already have ARC Guidelines, but they could use a refresh. Use HOAst to have your board vote on revisions to create a more modern, fresh neighborhood appeal. 
  6. Vote on the entryway design. Have your homeowners choose the look and feel of the florals and foliage for your entryway in Spring and Summer. It’s a fun way to involve the whole neighborhood and gain excitement for a new season. 
  7. Ask for feedback on an event. Did you just complete an HOA meeting, or did you just have a Spring Social? Ask homeowners if they were satisfied with the occasion and how likely they’d attend future events similar to the one previously held. 
  8. Determine capital projects. Find out what capital projects are of interest to your homeowners so you can include the ones with the most interest in your budget and calendar. Then, share the results with everyone and how you will be acting on the plans. 
  9. Event RSVP. For your upcoming event, send out an RSVP through HOAst to get a good headcount of who from your association will be attending. This also serves as a great reminder for the event!
  10. Board vote on Bylaw Amendments. Bylaw Amendments within an association can be time consuming, and it’s important that the changes are done in the appropriate manner according to state. Use HOAst to cross the Ts and dot the Is when you’re making a change to this document. 
  11. Homeowner vote for the removal of board members. This sounds awful, but it does happen. If a board member is acting in an unfair or inappropriate manner, you can use HOAst to have them voted off the board. 
  12. Determine pool construction or enhancements. The pool area is one of the most important areas within an association. See if your homeowners want to invest in new enhancements to the pool area, and what enhancements spark curiosity. 
  13. Vote on firework usage. The 4th of July is a great time of year, but things can get out of control. Gain consensus from your homeowners on how fireworks will be allowed this season, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  14. Check in owners at an annual meeting. Keep meeting protocols running smoothly and efficiently by electronically checking in your homeowners in attendance.
  15. CCR Amendment Voting. Gauge interest from homeowners on making changes to the covenants based on the board’s recommendations.
  16. Choose a charitable contribution. Vote on a charity that your community would like to donate to for an annual fundraiser, or as part of an upcoming event. This is a great way to give back to your local community and involve the whole neighborhood. 
  17. Yard of the Month. We know how excited and competitive suburbanites get about their lawn. Make it into a fun and friendly competition by celebrating the yard of the month!
  18. Halloween costume contest. Hold a Halloween trunk or treat right before trick or treat begins this year, and have everyone vote for their favorite adult costume afterwards. 
  19. Holiday lights contest. Vote on the house that went the most all out for the holiday season this year, while also reminding neighbors of any rules you may have about festive decor. 
  20. Annual elections. HOAst is an incredible tool to use to achieve a quorum for your annual election without the hassle. Gather results in real time, share progress, and communicate with homeowners on their voting record. 
  21. Use it in your pitch to other associations. As your management company shares your value to potential clients, showcase HOAst from CINC Systems as one of the many innovative tools you have to drive homeowner participation and improve board relations.
  22. Revenue stream. Finally, management companies have the ability to use HOAst as a revenue stream for themselves.


If you’re ready to dive into this list for your communities, ask us for a demo on HOAst and let us know what other CINC tools you’d like to see!

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