Association Management

Empowers Your Business
Manager+ iPad App
  • Imaging

    Take photos on-site

  • Violations

    Create, escalate and close

  • Work Orders

    Write and manage on-site

  • Updates

    Images, violations and work orders all pushed to web portals in real-time

Turn-Key Management
  • Tracking

    Collection letters, late fees, violations and more

  • Communication

    Integrated call logs, one-touch emails, manage tasks.

  • Architectural Requests

    Real-time updates for homeowners through their CINC website portal.

Website Portals
  • Customize

    Customize content, documents, pictures and more.

  • Streamline

    Real-time homeowner access.

  • Functionality

    Payments, reports, submit work orders and more

More Details

Cinc Stands Above.

We are the ONLY software company in the industry that provides Integrated Banking, Property Management + Cloud Accounting ALL-IN-ONE.