About CINC Systems

CINC Systems combines association accounting and management solutions into a single, handy software program. In so doing, CINC empowers your business with association management systems, cloud accounting, and integrated banking options, all in one place.

What can CINC Systems do to help your business and your clients? We offer personalized management solutions designed to meet the needs of any association, big or small.

Here are some reasons why CINC Systems should be your go-to software:

Association Management Systems

Our Manager+ iPad app is designed to help your managers on the ground. This includes:

  • Imaging: Take property photos on-site and store in one convenient cloud location
  • Violations: Create new tickets, manage escalations, and close out resolved violations
  • Work Orders: Write work orders and conduct on-site management
  • Updates: Add new information, push to web portals, and close tickets in real time
  • Turn-key management: Track collection letters, late fees, and violations, and receive updates about architectural requests and maintenance in real time

Our software enables users to integrate call logs, send one-touch emails, and manage tasks by streamlining traditional multiple solutions into one convenient digital package.

Your web portal can be customized to fit any association’s unique needs. At the drop of a hat, you can add custom images, documents, and app functionalities specifically tailored to your properties, allowing you to personalize fee payments, reports, work orders, and more.

Cloud Accounting and Web-Based Financials

At CINC Systems, we understand that the success of your clients’ associations depends on proper accounting. That’s why we offer easy-to-use cloud accounting and web-based financial solutions. Our client and in-house services include:

  • Universal Accounting: Both HOA/COA accounting and internal accounting, all in one place
  • Banking Services: We make end-of-the-month financials easier than ever
  • Easy Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Configurable general ledger and smooth AP/AR flow
  • Customizable, dynamic data view fields for financial reports
  • Group reports for HOA clients looking to send multiple reports in one file

CINC Systems’ streamlined financial processes also allow you to automate collections and billing statements, create invoices, compile vendor lists, and track association finances. CINC Systems makes it easy to accept credit card and e-check payments for association fees, perform auto reconciliation for lockboxes, and transfer funds between accounts without the need to log into third-party sites.

Evaluate Association Management Software Wisely

When choosing association management software, choose wisely. Ask yourself: how fast is your company growing? What are your operational deficiencies? What information do you need to make the best decisions for you and your team?

CINC Systems suggests you consider all these factors when choosing new management and accounting software. CINC is the best integrated-system for all your organization’s needs.

Is Your Current Software Holding You Back?

CINC is the only software that provides all-in-one integrated banking, association management, and cloud accounting. We’re happy to answer all your questions about our association management software. Ask us about:

  • Scalable pricing models
  • Finishing financials on-time, every month
  • How to grow your business without adding staff

CINC Systems is 100% cloud-based, so there’s no need to install bulky servers in your office or pay an IT consultant for maintenance. Try us today without the need to commit to a long-term contract.

HOA Accounting + Management Systems Give CINC Customers a Real Advantage

Our web-based dashboard enables association managers to run accounting for clients and process in-house financials. It’s convenient, efficient, and user-friendly.

Customers who migrate to CINC Systems understand the power of our unique platform. CINC users save money, grow their businesses, and achieve competitive advantage in their fields thanks to our unique functionality. Our user-friendly reports and focus on transparency allow CINC customers to win a greater number of new contracts.

Manage Your HOA/COA Associations Anywhere, Any Time

CINC Systems’ all-in-one cloud-based platform is an association management software that lets you manage your business online, anywhere, any time. Our integrated dashboard works seamlessly with SenEarthCo, LetterStream, PayLease, Sperlonga Data & Analytics, Concierge Plus, HomeWise Docs, and Avidxchange.

With modules for association management companies of any size, CINC Systems offers specialized pricing to allow your company to grow quickly. CINC is a powerful, indispensable tool for association managers: whether you use our iPad app or log in to a custom CINC Systems web portal, managing your business is now easier than ever.

Our Mission is to Empower Your Business

Our mission at CINC Systems is to provide transformational technology and services for the association management industry. We’re redefining the way our partners do business, and it’s our vision to become the industry standard for association management companies.

Want to Grow and Lead Within Your Market?

CINC Systems is here to help. Innovation and service are the heart and soul of our company. We grow so that your business can soar.

Founded in 2005, CINC was the first internet-based association management system with integrated accounting. Since then, we’ve been serving the community association industry with enhanced banking integration and a variety of payment options.

Valuable feedback from our earliest clients gave us the opportunity to develop software that meets their needs and solves their specific issues. At CINC, we don’t just adapt existing software. We start from the ground up to create products that meet all the challenges faced by association management companies.

With clients in over 26 states and 100 partner banking branches, our devotion to our customers is the backbone of everything we do at CINC Systems. We are honored to assist companies by providing the tools they need to grow their business. Serving your needs is our mission.

Call CINC Systems Today

Why wait? Call CINC Systems today. Request a free demo of our all-in-one software platform and see how CINC can take your association management practices to the next level. Call us on 855-943-8246 to get started.


Innovation and Service: Our Heart and Soul.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Values

We keep growing, so your business soars.

Our Mission

To provide transformational technology and services for the community association industry, redefining the way our clients and partners do business.

Our Vision

To become the industry standard for management companies who want to grow and lead within their market through integrated technology solutions.
Founded in 2005

Our History

CINC Systems was founded in 2005, becoming the first Internet-based integrated accounting and property management system for the community association industry. Recognizing the need for enhanced banking integration and the ability to offer a variety of payment options, CINC’s sister company, Accounting Integrators (AI), signed its first two partner banks in 2008.

Founder Bill Blanton, longtime banker and entrepreneur, and CEO Robert McCullar lead the company, supported by a team of association management, banking and accounting experts. Since its founding, we have experienced steady growth, with clients in 26 states and over 100 partner banking branch locations.

With our focus solely on the community association industry from our inception, we chose not merely to adapt existing software products but, instead, to design and develop our products from the ground up specifically to serve the needs of association management companies.

Ultimately, the foundation of everything we do, including developing products, is our clients. Our earliest clients provided us with the feedback and framework to develop software that solved their specific issues. Since then, our client base has continued to be our primary source of enhancement ideas.

CINC Systems

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Talent. We hire it and Inspire it

Darren Isaac
Darren Isaac

Training & Implementation Analyst

After 6 years at CINC, each implementation is still a new and exciting learning experience. The CINC philosophy of a team-oriented atmosphere supports my department's need to work across the company in a friendly, supportive environment with the same goal of providing an excellent customer experience.

Dan Ross
Dan Ross

Salesforce Administrator

Within a day or two of starting at CINC, I started coming in feeling the same level of camaraderie and welcome that took a year to find in other organizations. The folks here work as a cohesive team that strives for excellence. Everyone cares; whether the topic is nonchalant or dire, if it regards the team, everyone cares. That's a rare and respectable trait for a company, and traits like that keep me happily coming in to start the day!

Kerri Clark
Kerri Clark

Software Support Analyst

It’s been a great journey of 9 plus years at CINC. Each day is new and challenging. CINC stresses that we are all part of a team striving to reach the goal and no one has to go it alone. The company strives for a friendly, team-oriented atmosphere and provides a caring and supportive attitude to all employees. I love my CINC family.