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When you manage a homeowner association (HOA) or condominium association (COA), the right software makes all the difference. Using an HOA/COA management software platform like CINC Systems will optimize your work-flow. With great features to help you manage daily tasks for your clients, HOA/COA software can increase your productivity and help your business expand.

HOA/COA software is available for all types of management companies. Whether you manage a handful of HOA/COAs or a large client portfolio with dozens of properties, you’ll find association management software that’s perfect for you. HOA/COA management software can be broken down into two main categories: systems on-premises and cloud systems.

Cloud systems are better for managing properties than systems on-premises. To understand the benefits of cloud systems for HOA/COA management, let’s begin by highlighting the differences between cloud systems and systems on-premises.

What Are Systems on Premises?

Systems on-premises are an older software model that is installed locally on your computer. For businesses like HOA/COA management, this means your software is installed on the laptop or desktop computer in your office. If you have co-managers or employees with their own computers, each person will need a separate copy of the software.

Systems on-premises also means that all your clients’ HOA/COA data is stored on your computer. If you ever work from home or on-site, you’ll need to bring your work computer with you or transfer the data onto an external hard drive or USB drive.

Depending on the HOA/COA program you’re using, a platform that uses the systems on-premises model may also require you to meet certain system requirements. If your computer doesn’t meet these requirements, you’ll need to upgrade or purchase a new computer.

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What Are Cloud Systems?

Cloud systems are software programs that store data remotely or “in the cloud.” Unlike systems on-premises, cloud systems don’t need to be physically installed on your computer. Instead, you simply login through a website or app.

Because cloud systems store your data remotely, you can access your clients’ HOA/COA accounts from anywhere. Cloud systems are very mobile-friendly. It’s also very easy to set up additional user accounts to share with co-managers or employees.

Being cloud-based also means that the computer system requirements are often lower than systems on-premises, so you won’t need to upgrade as often. In some cases, you can even use cloud accounting HOA/COA software on an iPad or tablet.

Now that you understand the differences between cloud systems and systems on-premises for HOA/COA management, here are some of the key benefits to using a cloud system like CINC Systems.

Cloud Systems are More Cost-Effective

Cloud systems are often cheaper than systems on-premises. Cloud systems follow in the footsteps of other apps and use a subscription payment model. This means you’re paying a small fee each month to use the software instead of a large payment upfront.

You’ll also save money with cloud-based software because you’re less likely to need to upgrade to a new computer. Cloud systems also offer built-in security features so you can save on security software and firewalls.

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Cloud Systems are Easier to Install

When you’re managing an HOA/COA, your time is precious. Don’t waste it troubleshooting a new software system! Programs that use a system on-premises models can be complicated and difficult to install. You may need to adjust your computer’s settings or even buy new hardware to get the program to work.

With cloud systems, there are little to no installation issues. Cloud systems use the software developer’s remote servers to process data. This means the part of the software you access on your dashboard doesn’t require an advanced computer system or a lengthy installation process. To use an HOA/COA management program that uses a cloud system, simply login via your web browser or install an app.

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Cloud Systems Offer More Customization

When you’re considering cloud versus on-premises, you’ll want to look at your business’ unique needs. What kind of features will help you manage your clients’ HOA/COAs more efficiently? When a program is based in the cloud, it’s easier for the developers to roll out new features and upgrades. As a result, cloud systems are often more customizable than systems on-premises.

Using a cloud-based system for your HOA/COA management company, you’ll be able to make sure your software can deliver everything you need. Whether it’s accounting features or web portals for association residents, cloud systems enable you to customize your software and create the perfect solutions for your HOA/COA management business.

Cloud Systems Let You Work from Anywhere

As mentioned, cloud systems are more mobile than systems on-premises. This makes them a better choice because you don’t have to be stuck in your office all day. When you manage an association, you’ll often be required to work on-site at your clients’ location.

With cloud systems, you can conduct your work from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Some HOA/COA management software also offers mobile apps you can use on your phone. By going mobile, you can manage all your clients’ properties from any location, 24/7.

Cloud Systems Offer Better Data Security

Finally, cloud systems offer better data security than systems on-premises. In a cloud system, your data is dispersed across multiple servers in multiple locations. It’s the digital equivalent of storing all your jewelry in different safes in different houses, so even if one safe gets broken into, the rest of your valuables are still hidden.

Cloud systems also use the latest encryption security. This means the data is scrambled and encoded. No one can access it without a password. Although it’s still important to take security precautions on your computer or tablet, cloud systems have built-in security measures. With systems on-premises, you’re relying on your own security. This makes you more vulnerable.

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