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Managing a homeowners association (HOA) or condominium-owners association (COA) is a big responsibility. Even when you’re working as an employee, being an association manager comes with many challenges. However, these challenges also yield big rewards for you and your clients. A well-managed HOA/COA contributes to the long-term success of your business.

When you’re managing an HOA/COA, CINC Systems association management software is your best friend. Association management software offers a wide range of features that can help you and your homeowner or condominium-owner clients. It can help you streamline your business procedures, enable you to keep your finances organized, allow you to communicate more easily with board members, and expedite the processing of maintenance requests.

Whether you’re managing a huge HOA with dozens of homes or a smaller condominium association with just a few units, our association management software will help you get the job done. The right association management software can be customized to meet all your clients’ needs, too.

How can your association management business benefit from association management software, specifically? Here are a few reasons why association managers love using software and cloud-based apps to help manage their HOA/COA clients:

HOA/COA Management Software Gives You a Live Snapshot of Financial Health

Most HOA/COA management software can be linked to your association’s bank accounts. This lets you monitor your accounts in real-time from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Depending on the management software you use, you may also be able to receive notifications of financial transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, and account credits as they happen.

In short, our association management software will give you a live snapshot of your association’s financial health. This means you can see how well your organization is following its budget and easily track expenses.

You can also generate financial reports for specific time periods or transaction types, which can be emailed to board members or shared via secure web connections. Keeping your association’s finances online will help you file taxes, annual budgets, or self-audits.

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HOA/COA Management Software Enables Association Members to Pay Online

Paying dues and fees with paper checks can be a headache. It takes time to collect, sort, and wait for deposits to clear, not to mention travel time to the bank. Checks also require more office work because you need to track who has paid and who hasn’t, and balance the books yourself. Luckily, an HOA/COA management software like CINC Systems can make this arduous process obsolete.

With CINC Systems HOA/COA management software, you can easily create an online payment portal. Members of the homeowner association or condominium-owner association you manage can then pay fees online or by phone from any location, 24/7.

Association payment fees can also be auto-scheduled and auto-debited through CINC. By using an online payment portal, it will be easier than ever for your clients to stay fiscally responsible.

CINC Systems HOA/COA Management Software Can Automate Your Clients’ Bills

Every homeowner or condominium-owner association requires regular services. In addition to utility bills and vendor payments, the association may have regular costs such as waste disposal and landscaping.

Paying vendors’ invoices used to be a hassle, with different amounts due at different times, but CINC’s association management software allows you to schedule all bills in advance. Vendors can also submit invoices online, which can be paid in one click. Plus, with real-time access to an HOA or COA’s bank account balances, you can help them avoid the inconvenience and stress of overdrafts.

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CINC Management Software Streamlines Work Orders and Repairs

CINC’s association management software can help association managers go fully paperless. In addition to creating web portals for HOA/COA member fees and automating association bills, you can also implement an online system for work orders.

Residents can submit work orders online and even take pictures or videos of items that need repairing. This can be done online or by phone. It’s easy and convenient.

Association management will be further facilitated by your newfound ability to sort work orders by time received, priority, difficulty, and category. CINC Systems association management software also allows you to integrate your work order system with a vendor list. For example, if a member submits a work order related to an irrigation system, you can pull up your landscaper’s information with a few clicks and call them right away.

HOA/COA members can also track the status of their work order in real-time. This transparency will improve the relationship between residents, board members, and association management.

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CINC’s HOA/COA Management Software Increases Efficiency and Communication

Often, one of the greatest challenges facing association managers is the community itself. Residents may have disputes with one another over issues such as noise or parking violations, unauthorized construction, and other neighborly disagreements. They may also experience discontent with board members and association managers. Even the most well-managed, harmonious HOA or COA has occasional communication problems.

Luckily, this is another area where CINC Systems can come to the rescue. Our software allows association managers to create an email directory, an events calendar, and send announcements online. If your clients have shared spaces such as a gym or rec room, you can use our software to manage an online reservation system for them.

The Best HOA/COA Management Software for Your Association Management Business

Depending on the size of HOAs/COAs you manage and their unique individual needs, you’ll be sure to find the association management software that works best for you and your clients. Many programs and apps can also be fully customized to fit the demographic profile of the HOA/COA you manage.

How will you choose the best HOA/COA management software for your business? That will depend on the needs of your HOA/COA clients. No matter their size, we have the perfect software or app for you. Try CINC’s association management software today and see how it can help your business run more smoothly than ever.

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