In today’s evolving landscape of community association management, the reliance on base management fees is no longer as sustainable as it once was. Management companies are facing increasing financial pressure as these fees fail to cover the growing demands of their services. In this ever-changing environment, the question that looms large is, “Where can we find more revenue?”

The need to explore innovative avenues for revenue generation has become imperative, leading management professionals on a quest to discover new and sustainable sources of income. This comprehensive guide will offer insights, strategies, and solutions to unlock fresh revenue opportunities within the realm of community association management.

Bill for What You’re Owed

Despite the fact that Schedule A charges are well defined for boards, many management company executives are wary of charging for what’s truly owed of their services. After all, turnover is high and homeowner tension is abundant in today’s socio-economic landscape. But here’s the reality: being the ‘nice guy’ can easily equate to thousands of dollars left on the table. It’s important for management companies to review their Schedule As and be diligent in charging what’s truly owed to them. These can range from several different charges, but here are the ones we see most often overlooked:

Redefine Profit for your Business

Many management company executives equate revenue and growth with profit, but that is not necessarily true. Revenue is the top line, while Profit is the bottom line (after expenses). But growth can sometimes cost more than it brings in, such as if one needs to hire more staff to accommodate client needs. To increase profit, one’s strategy should incorporate adding efficiencies, cutting costs, increasing the value of existing contracts and growing the HOA/COA portfolio. Here are some ways to reconsider where one can cut costs to increase profit:

Leverage Passive Revenue Streams

When reviewing new revenue opportunities in community association management, it is crucial to take a step back and consider the untapped potential within existing operations. What if some of the activities your management company is already handling could be transformed into revenue streams, or perhaps outsourced for cost-saving benefits? By reevaluating and optimizing operations, one can not only enhance available services but also uncover opportunities for sustainable income growth.

Increase Your Offerings

Having explored strategies for enhancing billing practices, optimizing profit generation, and capitalizing on passive revenue streams, the final step to uncovering revenue opportunities for a management company revolves around generating revenue itself. Here are just a few approaches through which management companies can expand their service repertoire, setting the stage for substantial revenue growth.


As the reliance on base management fees has become less sustainable, our journey to discover new income streams has revealed a myriad of opportunities. We’ve delved into the importance of billing for services rendered, redefining profit by maximizing efficiency and exploring passive revenue streams, finding ways in which management companies can increase their offerings while also creating a new unique value proposition.

As we conclude this exploration of the Revenue Revolution in community association management, it becomes evident that the path to financial sustainability is paved with innovation and adaptability. The strategies unveiled here empower management professionals to navigate this ever-changing landscape with confidence, offering not only new income streams but also enhanced services that benefit both their clients and their own bottom line. In the evolving realm of community association management, the future is bright for those willing to seize these opportunities and redefine their approach to revenue generation.