CINC Unveils RevStream: The Ultimate Solution for Automating Contract Management

Duluth, Georgia, May 23, 2023 – CINC Systems, the dominant provider of software and services for the association management industry, has announced the release of RevStream, an enhanced tool that automates management contracts, ensuring all management company work is accounted for and collected.

RevStream allows management companies to automatically track all agreements, general ledgers, and expenses within CINC. This feature improves efficiencies, increases transparency, and identifies every revenue opportunity.

While CINC has offered the automation of contracts via addendum billing for several years, the organization is now adding revised reporting capabilities to improve the experience for the executive. Through this feature, executives will see a clear view of where the bulk of their revenue generates and where they have missed opportunity.

“Within the first two months of using RevStream, people kept asking me where all this money was coming from!” said Cinnamon Dusterhoft of William Douglas Management Company. “It truly is a game changer in the industry, as we now have the ability to uncover revenue opportunities without adding to our workload.”

One of the key benefits of RevStream is that it automates invoice creation. After services that should be billed are rendered, invoices are automatically created and posted, which allows management companies get paid without having to ask. This feature saves time and eliminates the risk of missing any payments.

RevStream also offers addendum billing features. Itemized invoices and other billing features, such as per unit and assessment charges, are fully automated. This feature ensures that every charge is accounted for and nothing is missed.

“We understand that management companies have a lot to handle, and the details behind every relationship are extensive,” said Ryan Davis, Chief Executive Officer of CINC Systems. “That’s why we’ve created RevStream – to automate contract management and ensure that all billable work is accounted for and collected. With RevStream, management companies can focus on what they do best and not worry about remembering to bill for it.”

RevStream is available for all CINC customers with enhanced reporting functionality coming later this year to see year-over-year revenue comparisons and an addendum billing snapshot to understand the percentage of revenue for top billables. For more information, visit

About CINC Systems

CINC Systems is the largest provider of SaaS solutions for the community association industry. Founded in 2005, CINC Systems became the industry’s first Internet-based integrated accounting and property management system. CINC Systems is backed by founder Bill Blanton, a third-generation banker, and Spectrum Equity. The company serves more than 30,000 homeowners associations and 3 million homes. Learn more at


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