CINC Systems Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation and Transformation

CINC Systems Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation and Transformation

Duluth, GA / November 20, 2020 / CINC Systems, the largest provider of SaaS-based solutions for the community association industry, marked its 15-year anniversary this month, and the company announced plans to continue its rapid growth.  

In 2005, Bill Blanton – a third-generation banker and homeowners association (HOA) industry expert – acted on his idea to create a company that empowers association management companies to grow their business and profitability through a best-in-class software integrated with industry banking partners.  With a committed team and banks eager to participate, CINC was launched as the first SaaS-based, all-in-one solution for integrated banking, accounting, and association management needs.

“Our bank partners provide our clients with an opportunity to combine deep banking capabilities inside of the CINC software,” Blanton said.  “There is no doubt: CINC wouldn’t be where it is without the commitment to the industry from our bank partners.” 

For the past 15 years, CINC has provided hundreds of customers with the tools they need to grow and compete in today’s competitive landscape. The average client that has been with CINC for at least four years has more than doubled their business.

 Backed by Spectrum Equity, CINC has undertaken several notable transformations that will allow the company to continue leading the industry. In the past six months, the company has:

  • Added five members to its executive team, including a new Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. “These are all additions to the team,” said new CEO, Ryan Davis. “The same great team is still here, just bolstered by people with relevant experience to help the industry.”
  • Launched apps that support property managers to complete essential tasks in the field, not the office
  • Added its first customers in Boston, Virginia Beach, and Seattle
  • Developed an enhanced user experience for homeowners’ web portals
  • Created a team of industry veterans dedicated to working directly with clients and ensuring their success.

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“This company is unique,” Davis said.  “What this team built over the past 15 years is truly remarkable.  Every customer and partner is listened to; and the team has always reacted with bold innovation.  Our goal is to continue with the principles that guided this company and to expand our footprint with industry leading tools as the industry evolves.” 

Shea Dittrich, the company’s sales and marketing leader who comes to CINC with an extensive background in real estate software, is excited to share the CINC story. “There is nothing better than seeing business owners get excited about what you are showing them and how quickly it can increase the profitability of their business.”

Continuing to innovate in collaboration with its clients and partners, CINC has several new announcements slated for start of 2021.  

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“We are well positioned to stay at the forefront of industry-leading innovation because we listen to our customers and have a team of developers that understand this space and what the customer expects.” said Peter Yang, CINC’s Chief Technology Officer. 

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“Even though we’ve grown tremendously in the past 15 years, we’re still driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of Bill and our founding customers,” Davis said.  “It’s enabled us to constantly push new boundaries and search for opportunities to expand our offerings.”

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