A homeowners’ association (HOA) management company is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of an association. Volunteer board members have jobs and obligations and often lack the time and expertise to self-manage the HOA. The board of directors makes the decisions, then tasks a management company to implement their vision.

Homeowners and board members should fully understand the HOA management company’s responsibilities. Confusion can cause certain obligations to slip through the cracks or prompt redundancies. Frustrated, dissatisfied homeowners could be left wondering who they are supposed to approach with problems or questions.

HOAs have unique needs based on their size, location, and the organizational structure created by their governing documents. Because of this diversity, HOA management is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

Despite this, there are certain administrative functions vital to most businesses. Let’s look at the

top responsibilities of an HOA management company.

Billing and Collections

HOA management companies need to be consistent with billing and maintain an aggressive collections policy. Assessments are the bedrock of a community association’s financial stability.

Association management companies spearhead the following tasks related to homeowner dues, fines, and fees collections:

Rule Enforcement

An HOA management company is responsible for maintaining property values by fairly enforcing community-enacted rules. To carry out this duty, the management company must:


To maintain and improve the community’s condition, an HOA management company is responsible for:

Accounting Services

Preparing financial records, creating reports, and performing general accounting tasks can be complicated, even for smaller HOAs. However, professional HOA management companies should be proficient at:

In each of these areas, the HOA management company functions as an agent of the HOA board. The company is the homeowner’s primary contact for HOA issues; therefore, accuracy, efficiency, and effective communication are paramount for a successful partnership.

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