An Association Management System (AMS) is computer software that provides homeowners’ associations (HOAs) and management companies with multi-function capabilities to service their clients. CINC Systems’ cloud-based software is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It is designed to run a community association by providing and performing day-to-day functionality for:

Just as vital, AMS software includes a scalable database that can store and edit resident directories.

An Effective AMS Database Lets Associations Do More with Less

To best serve its homeowners, an HOA’s board of directors, or its management company, uses a database to accumulate information to help managers and directors understand who the association serves and how best to meet its clients’ needs. Utilizing a multi-faceted AMS like CINC allows associations to maintain and expand membership, inform and engage prospects and members, and streamline monotonous tasks.

By integrating automated banking and accounting, AMS software uses database information to let associations create reports, track violations, and assess fees. It gives accountants and finance managers centralized access to the data they need for month-end reconciliation to produce timely board packages.

Further, AMS software saves community associations money and time by elevating efficiency. It eliminates the need to input the same data into multiple software applications across various platforms. With an AMS database like CINC, association accountants only need to input the information one time. It is reproduced across the system, syncing with websites, financial modules, email accounts, and more.

CINC’s AMS Database Is Safeguarded from Catastrophe

HOA management companies leveraging SaaS-based AMS programs receive continual updates and upgrades deployed automatically, which means your AMS software is always up-to-date. A SaaS provider like CINC encrypts its cloud-based AMS database. Therefore, sensitive membership profiles and banking information is shielded from a potential data breach.

Could-based AMS software is protected in case of a catastrophe. Other organizations use legacy computer systems that are susceptible to internal and external dangers. Even if an AMS database is backed up and stored across town, it may not be protected from a disaster like a flood, fire, or hurricane.

CINC uses cloud resources to back up and safeguard AMS database files from tragedy or theft. Its SaaS solution enables association operations to continue uninterrupted during and after disaster recovery execution.

Access Crucial Database Information from Anywhere

A cloud-based AMS database that syncs with member profiles is critical because it allows financial officers, board members, and association managers to access crucial information and complete tasks anytime from anywhere.

Simply put, an effective AMS and its database fortifies associations and association management companies, allowing them to grow faster, empower their members, and accomplish more with less.