Uniform aesthetics and pleasing views are the main reasons many people move into managed communities. Despite this, not every resident gets clearance from the ACC before modifying their houses. Unsanctioned modifications can harm neighborhood property values.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is a group of volunteers appointed by an association’s board of directors to enforce the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). ACCs meet to approve or deny requests as they relate to the CC&Rs. These meetings are crucial to ensure the neighborhood retains its uniformity, appeal, and overall property value.

The wrong shade of paint, misplaced satellite dish, or incorrect fencing material can adversely affect nearby neighbors and the entire community.

Happy homeowners with higher property values mean higher association retention. Association retention gives you traction to grow your portfolio and scale your company. As the property values increase, so does the value of your business. Presenting your property managers the tools for effective ACC management is vital to your association management company.

ACC Management Expectations and ARRs

The ACC application process is straightforward but must be detailed to ensure the committee has the information to make a knowledgeable decision. The application used to submit an ACC request is called an Architectural Review Request (ARR) form. Following board approval, this form protects the homeowner. Secondly, it permits the board to apply the CC&Rs to project requests consistently, even after the board changes membership. Items on the ARR form may include:

Simplify ACC Management With Cloud-Based Association Software

To reduce CC&R violations and reduce ARR misunderstandings, your property managers should communicate ACC expectations to homeowners. Association management software includes homeowner portals where your managers can make ARR forms available for review.

Once the ACC reviews the application, the homeowner is informed in writing of their decision. This process usually takes up to 30 days. Features bundled with association management software can help your property managers level out the process. These features include:

Cloud-based association management software engenders faster ACC responses and ARR issue resolutions. Give your managers the tools to improve homeowner/board correspondence, reduce misunderstandings, and keep your associations running smoothly and efficiently.