The first and only Generative AI tool available to HOAs and COAs through the CINC homeowner app, transforming the community association management experience.

May 06, 2024, Duluth GA – CINC Systems, the leading provider of software solutions for the community association management (CAM) industry, announced the launch of Cephai (pronounced see-fee-i), a revolutionary generative artificial intelligence platform with the ability to answer common homeowner questions. Breaking new ground in the CAM space, Cephai is set to transform how homeowners and community managers interact, making the business of community less tedious and more meaningful.

In the first release of the platform, homeowner inquiries can be answered instantly. Cephai can answer most association-related questions asked by homeowners, from questions related to architectural requests, like “Can I build a fence?” to payment-related questions, like “How do I pay for my special assessment?” Terri Allen, Director of Customer Experience at Spectrum Association, attested to Cephai’s effectiveness. “Since implementation, Cephai has been able to successfully answer 80% of incoming questions asked through the platform, freeing up valuable resources for more strategic initiatives.”

Cephai enables community managers to save hours each week responding to tedious emails and calls by providing reliable and accurate information directly to the homeowner through its Generative AI technology. Immediately following its soft launch, Cephai answered as many as 45 questions a week for one association. For a management company managing 100 associations, that equates to 4,500 questions a week, or 234,000 questions a year.

Kyle Priestley, Coastal Division President of Priestley Management, said, “80% of questions we receive are the same questions. Cephai has the capability of cutting down on 50% of emails we receive while providing managers more time proactively managing their communities and educating board members.”

Ensuring accuracy and data integrity, Cephai upholds CINC’s security-first standards. The generative AI platform ingests the data from the sources provided by the management company into contained and segregated environments with restricted access defined by user roles, all within CINC’s security framework that complies with Soc II Type 2, safeguarding sensitive information with state-of-the-art encryption technology and access controls.

Ryan Davis, Chief Executive Officer of CINC Systems, expressed pride in being the pioneer in offering Generative AI technology to CAM clients, “CINC is focused on driving technology and app adoption to simplify the lives of managers and community members. With Cephai, community managers will save time with fewer calls, emails, and service requests and will be able to foster deeper connections with homeowners through the app, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – creating meaningful community interactions.”

As the leader in the CAM space, CINC is well-positioned to continue developing new features to drive efficiency for its customers. “It’s not just about revolutionizing technology – it’s about enhancing the connection neighbors can have within their communities,” Davis said.

Cephai is now accessible through the Homeowner & Board App, equipped to address homeowner questions. Additional features will be introduced soon, such as Cephai integration into the CINC Manager app, AI-powered email assistance, and more. For more information about Cephai, visit cincsystems.com/cephai.

About CINC Systems

CINC Systems is the largest provider of accounting and management software in the community association management industry and the innovator behind accounting and banking integration. Founded in 2005 by a banker as the industry’s first SaaS offering, CINC systems now employs more than 230 people and provides software and applications to more than 37,000 associations across the U.S, servicing over 4 million homeowners. In January of 2024, Hg Capital made a significant investment in CINC to accelerate the company’s growth trajectory and institute rapid product development.

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