CINC Systems – #ChangeForGood

When you change for good,
you change for good.

Change is scary. Change is disruptive. But change is inevitable.

It’s inevitable that your homeowners’ expectations will change as younger generations enter your market. It’s inevitable that their expectations will change the way you conduct business. And it’s inevitable that, in order to conduct business properly, you’ll need a software solution that doesn’t just meet expectations, but anticipates them.

So as you work on building your business, ask yourself this – will the software solution you have adapt to the changes you need to grow? If not, it’s time for you to pick the solution and the company that will get you where you need to be in 2022 and beyond. And if you choose wisely, you only choose once. Because good software is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s homeowners.



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Key Community Management
"Darren gave us a customized timeline. We always knew where we were on track and where we were ahead of schedule."

Cyndi Sullivan, former owner of Key Community Management, on her onboarding experience with CINC Systems

An Actionable Onboarding Approach:

onboarding process


  • Meet your Project and Implementation Team
  • Project Schedule Review
  • Database and Project Infrastructure Setup

System Setup:

  • Accounting and Financial Review
  • Report Setup
  • Accounting and Financial Setup

Data Transform

  • Transfer Data and Financials
  • Quality Review


  • Training Sessions for Accounting and Property Management


  • Cutover from Old Systems
  • Daily Transition Calls


  • Meet your Account Success Manager
  • Work with our Full Support Team

Meet the
onboarding and implementation team

Our team regularly conducts webinars to highlight the change management process at CINC Systems. Watch our latest webinar and connect with us if you’d like to meet with the team one-on-one.

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