Superior property management solutions – right-sized for you.

Hit the ground running with advanced association management software

What if you could lessen the stress of scaling your association management company? CINC’s solutions for startups let you leverage industry-leading software that grows when you’re ready.

Get started "in CINC."

If you have at least 10 associations/1,000 doors and plan to get growing, we want to grow with you. That’s why we developed the first-ever startup program for budding association management companies. Through this program you’ll be able to use CINC’s cloud-based payment solution to manage the minutiae while you build your business.

Starting with CINC means you won’t be a startup for long.

At CINC, we are very proud of the fact that many of our lifelong customers started from scratch and are now huge influencers in the CAM space.

Line up payments every day with the click of one button, drastically reducing time and saving the chance for fraud.

Seamlessly integrate payment processes so that your homeowners can self-manage at all times – meaning you can keep growing. 

Reduce every all homeowner needs to just one login, saving them time and saving you stress.

Get a dedicated PO box in your area to collect HOA payments. Payments are received and deposited on the same day, saving time for your team and eliminating frustrating lag for homeowners.

Sync up all your clients’ financial accounts in one place with automatic bank integration. CINC updates these account balances automatically and records real-time expenditures.

Lockbox data is automatically imported into your CINC accounting system, eliminating the need to manually population the software with HOA payment information.

Supercharge your startup phase and get started in just two weeks.

Through CINC's startup program, you'll be able to upgrade to our full suite of management tools as soon as you're able to add at least ten associations to your portfolio. Implementation will only take 60 days from there.

Save Time

Sophisticated software and expert lockbox support reduces time-consuming tasks.

Improve Accuracy

Automated check capture and payment matching services achieve a 99.74% match rate.

Increase Transparency

Create accurate, real-time reports that help HOA boards make better decisions.

Deliver Superior Service

Empower homeowners with easier visibility into their payment histories.

Stand Out from Competitors

Respond to client requests quickly with instant access to relevant financial information.

Scale When You’re Ready

Take advantage of even more CINC features when your client roster grows.

Ready to take CINC for a spin around the block?

All these features sound great — but the only way to find out what CINC can really do is to jump in and check out what’s inside. See how intuitive the dashboard is and how the accounting, management, and homeowner tools work.