Introducting The Resale Hub

Transform your resale process with the only fully integrated solution in the CAM space that empowers your clients to manage their full resale package ordering process on their own – and empowers you to grow revenue opportunity without extra work.

Why Choose the Resale Hub:

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: The Resale Hub provides two separate invoices for closing amounts and product add-ons, further increasing efficiency for your team.

SEAMLESS ONBOARDING: New communities are automatically onboarded overnight, providing a more seamless process to you than other competitors.

PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION: Product offerings are fully customizable and templates for closing documents are custom-branded to the management company.

ENHANCED INCOME STREAM: Generate additional revenue by offering integrated services to clients, either through referral fees or by bundling services into their management packages.

ENHANCED REPUTATION: Demonstrate a commitment to modern technology and efficient processes through integrations can attract potential residents and clients.

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