Managing to the Generations

The ’20s mark a pivotal decade for the United States as each generation enters a new major phase in life: Gen Z enters adulthood, Millennials enter middle age, and Gen X begins to consider retirement. Neighborhoods will start to look remarkably different, especially as more and more Millennials and Gen Zers become homeowners.

We surveyed 750 people in the United States – from Baby Boomer to Gen Z – to understand the shift one can expect in behavioral expectations within their community. Download this study to learn:

  • Payment preferences and behaviors by generation
  • Digital usage and expectations of today and tomorrow’s homeowners
  • Values and leadership capabilities expected within HOA/COA boards through the lens of each generation

At CINC, we support our customers in four key areas that drive profitability:

Financial Control

Up-to-date reporting to improve financial transparency

Property Management

Streamlined workflow automation to boost employee productivity

Board Communication

Customized HOA portals to streamline communication

Homeowner Engagement

Complete visibility into payments, violations, workorders, and more