SOW Keys to Success: General Parameters and Expectations

A Cinc Implementation Team Project Manager will be assigned to lead the project and serve as the primary point of contact for the Client. The Cinc Project Manager will be empowered with a robust, highly skilled team to deliver all aspects of this Statement of Work. The Cinc Project Manager will work with client to build a specific project schedule to define and drive to the Go Live date and Transition to Support date. The schedule will highlight milestones, tasks, owners, and target dates.

As applicable, the Accounting Set Up is a central project within the larger implementation. This speaks to areas such as Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, and Financial reporting. This Set Up has a material influence over many areas and workflows in CINC and will therefore be addressed very early in the implementation. An Accounting Expert will be assigned to serve as the Lead and Authority for this aspect of the implementation. The Accounting Set Up period will address topics such as client business model, growth plans, locations and regulations, current reporting and accounting challenges, any schedules for associations bank changes, and implications of the overall project schedule.

General Client Expectations

  • Client will designate a Project Leader to serve as a single point of communication. This leader will coordinate across client stakeholders and negotiate internal discussions to present a single client perspective and decision mechanism. Client may elect to name a different leader for different areas but a named primary decision maker is required in the event of conflicting information
  • Client will allocate adequate, capable representation from each area using Cinc. For example, Accounting, Property management, Data Entry, Technical/Website support, etc.
  • Client will coordinate any requirements or information required from client related third parties
  • Client will execute any necessary documents to open bank accounts in a timely manner
  • Cinc is more than just software – it is a Solution. This means some business processes will change in order to maximize the software and realize the full benefits of the Solution. Cinc will bring expertise from many perspectives throughout the project and walk through all change management with client every step of the way. Client is ultimately responsible for ensuring all affected employees are aware of and compliant with any business process changes
  • Client will supply requested information and artifacts in a timely manner and participate on calls and meetings as agreed upon and scheduled
  • Client will satisfy requirements as specified throughout this statement of work including completing assigned tasks and reviewing, testing, validating, and approving work as appropriate.
  • Client is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable requirements such as association rules, government regulations, and accounting practices
  • After project completion, client will take ownership for onboarding of new staff and associations
  • Client is responsible for acquiring new business. CINC can provide general marketing materials as well as client specific materials tailored toward Homeowner Boards. Sales demonstration databases are usually not an effective mechanism for this purpose and are therefore not contemplated in this SOW.
  • CINC will provide instructions for installing required hardware such as Printers and Scanners. CINC will provide assistance in accordance with these instructions and requirements. CINC is not responsible for client IT or hardware constraints or issues.

Early Milestone Focus

  • Provide historical financial records and coupon/payment samples.
  • Set up new bank accounts
  • Assess Data Sources, Availability, and Access
  • Strategic Business and Accounting planning sessions
  • Finalize Chart of Accounts
  • Assess and Clean Up AR Records (i.e. Write offs, homeowner prior balances, outstanding reconciliation items)
  • Establish Go Live and Transition Dates and Plan
  • Establish Communication Plan internally for Management Company and externally for Board(s) and Homeowners
  • Establish Training Attendees and Schedule
  • Finalize AR Setup:
    • Assessment Types (charges)
    • Assessment GL Link (Credit GL posting for AR)
    • Fee Set Ups (rules for recurring charges to owners)
  • Approve Homeowner Data
  • Generate and Post Billing for current fiscal year

Features, Modules, Add Ons, and Apps Parameters


Parameters and Constraints

CINC Accounting

Accounts must be in balance before moving into CINC

Collections Module

Pre-requisite for set up: Homeowner balances have been entered, verified, and posted

Violations Module


Work Orders


Architectural Module


Websites (Cinc Web Axis)

CINC staff will work with Client to assist with creation of the original template which can be copied and adjusted as necessary. Credit Card Payments are processed through RevoPay – Homeowners will need to register and set up recurring payments

Homeowner and Board App

The APP may be custom branded for Client for certain logos and colors. Client is responsible for providing CINC with the required text and graphics in the required format for the development of the APP.

All images provided are required to be in a Vector format, on a transparent background. The most common vector file formats are .eps, .ai, and .svg. Required graphics are:

·        A square version of your company’s logo in vector format.

·        A rectangular version of your company’s logo or other image in vector format, with an aspect ratio of up to 3:1.

·        A rectangular version of your company’s logo in vector format that will fit within a 500 x 100 pixel dimension.

A specific Client logo can be used if supplied in the specified Vector file format. If a logo cannot be supplied in the required Vector format, CINC can either a) attempt to convert to the required Vector format which may be subject to image degradation or b) use a “basic” approach of custom colors and Client name in a font selected by Client. CINC can use specific hexadecimal colors if provided by Client or CINC can provide a color palette from which to choose. CINC will supply available font choices as applicable. CINC will create the APP for Client and provide training.

CINC Manager App


Broadcast Texting

This is functionality associated with CINC Web Axis so aspects may be covered during that part of this project.

Document Imaging

CINC will provide desktop apps required for these features.

Call Log

This is included with the Management module so aspects may be covered during that part of this project.

Enhanced Website Templates

The enhanced website templates will be available in Client’s WebAxis database.

Portfolio Management


Management Module


Ai – eChecks

Each eCheck processed will incur a separate fee. This fee will be charged at the time the payment is made and will be debited from the homeowner’s bank account. For example, if a payment is made via eCheck, the homeowner would have one debit for the payment amount and one debit for the eCheck fee. This separate eCheck fee will be displayed to the homeowner prior to their final submission of the payment.

Custom Reports

Full standard reporting library. Unless specifically defined in SOW Order Form, custom reports are not contemplated. Custom report requests beyond cosmetic adjustments can be evaluated for feasibility and may be subject to change control


Optional Intergrations Parameters


Parameters and Constraints

HomeWise Docs

CINC will send set up instructions. Client will perform the set up for each applicable association in CINC based on these instructions. Once set up is complete, CINC will establish connection to Homewise and sent Client the connection credentials. CINC is available for one on one assistance (see Training section)
Requests for documents will go direct through Homewise and Homewise documents will pull information from CINC. CINC can provide a detailed list of information which is passed to Homewise.
Homewise is responsible for the actual documents as well as compliance with state documentation laws


Include full training on LetterStream setup. Client will provide CINC with their ACH information for LetterStream billing. In order to activate the LetterStream interface with CINC, the Client must complete the ACH form that will be provided by CINC. This form will be used to set up automatic drafts from the Client’s bank account to LetterStream for the cost of each letter approved. Current Letter Stream pricing is listed in the Fees and Payments section of this Statement of Work


CINC will provide API credentials for Avid to connect Strongroom to CINC